How Google Earns Money on Mobile Devices

Android is certainly protagonist in the field of mobility: Platform continues to grow significantly both in smartphones and tablets, but in fact Google is much more present in this segment through various services and solutions.

WordStream have studied this catalogue of products and services that flood the mobile market and that are precisely targeted to economic performance in these devices. The result has been an infographic with an interesting analysis of those products and services.

Up to 20 of these solutions have been covered by this graphics, and although we may not be agreed on some of the ratings that its makers have offered (of course Motorola is not a C + in my opinion), is an interesting way of realizing how much Google diversifies your business.

You have full computer graphics in the original news of WordStream, which emphasizes that today Google revenues in its mobile division amounting to 8,000 million dollars, most of them are derived from the advertising market.