How Do I Stop My Cell Phone from Crashing?

Almost all smartphones, be it a Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Apple, or any other, after some time of use, starts to hang / freeze and even restart very often. A smartphone is small version of any general and portable computer, containing a RAM, external memory, different operating system such as Android, Windows or iOS and thus different processors, graphics, cameras and more. That’s why you need to learn how to stop your cell phone from having a basic maintenance and knowledge that will help make your cell phone do not let you down in times of need.

How Do I Stop My Cell Phone from Crashing?

Causes of cell locking

Because smartphones are comparable to laptops, many people use them as such, forgetting that they have their own limitations. By using your smartphone beyond its limits, you cause a “crash” in the system through overload, which results in the locking and possible reboot of the system. Some causes for the most common cell locking are:

  • Run multiple applications or tasks at once
  • Install many applications in the phone memory instead of the external memory ( microSD memory card )
  • Keep internal memory (RAM) always full, with processes running in the background
  • Leave the external memory full
  • Use heavy themes for the device in standby mode (eg wallpapers as 3D animations)
  • Do not delete cookies, cache, log files
  • Install too many apps
  • Rotate heavy applications with low memory

How do I prevent my phone from crashing?

Some solutions are quite simple to adopt, in order to prevent the cell from locking or restarting

Always install applications and other data on external memory (memory card) if the internal memory is too low, so that any application is always run from external memory and will have room to store temporary data in the internal memory. So you can run multiple applications at the same time without any hassles.

Uninstall unnecessary applications when you have not used them for some time, since they will occupy memory unnecessarily. You can install them again through your app store or through a backup of your phone .

Keep only the themes you’re currently using, and remove the rest of them from your smartphone. Doing so will not only free up memory, but will also speed up your cell phone. Preferably, use solid-colored wallpaper as a way to stop the wallpaper from locking the phone.

Never run applications that do not seem compatible with your phone. The compatibility is displayed at the time of installation, and if it is not compatible with your device, do not try to install with gambiarras.

Free memory by deleting or moving music, books, videos, applications, wallpapers, images, old messages, contacts, and files that have not been in use for a long time to the computer or applications in the cloud . Re-import the information and files as needed.

Never run heavy applications if your smartphone does not have enough RAM (internal memory). For example, games with heavy 3D graphics do not run on more basic phones with less than 1 GB of RAM, and games often crash smartphones.

Quit the processes that are in the background when you are running a heavy application. Smartphone operating systems have task managers, or you can use a task manager application.

Install an antivirus on your phone because if your device is infected with viruses. These applications also uninstall cookies, personal information, memory caches, and more.

If you are using a cheap cell phone, make sure you do not run multiple applications at the same time.

While browsing the internet, do not open multiple tabs or perform other tasks because it slows down the processor and consumes a lot of RAM.

Clean your phone’s external and internal memory for photos, MP3s and other files you are not using too much.

Always keep your operating system up to date. In the case of Apple smartphones, we do not recommend that you upgrade your operating system, or you run the risk of making your phone inoperable.

How to fix the locked phone?

If your phone hangs, to get rid of the lock instantly, simply remove the battery and reinsert it into your phone. You can also, on some models, press the camera button, increase volume, and the power button simultaneously on 5 -10 seconds when the phone restarts. On iOS devices, usually the forced restart (since you can not remove the battery), is done by pressing and holding the “Home” button and the “hibernate / wake up” button until you see the Apple logo appear.

If your phone started to crash after installing an application or updating the operating system, it is worth resetting the device to the factory settings. You can do this by following some instructions for installing ROMs  or by accessing the device settings to find the “return to factory settings. Ultimately, you should take your device to an authorized maintenance store to make your locked up phone work again.