[Hands-On] Casio Watch Is Tough And Runs Android Wear

Android Wear comes appearing in smartwatches of various shapes: square, round, cheap,elegant… Casio decided to put the system on a watch made to withstand weather and adventurous people.

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The Casio WSD-F10 is the first smartwatch clock with microphone that resists water up to 50 m deep. He also meets the 1000-STD-810 standards to withstand vibration, solar radiation, freezing and sudden changes of temperature.

So the watch is not exactly slim and svelte: 15.7 mm in thickness and 93 g with non-removable strap.

Even in the hardware, the Casio put a 1.32-inch screen and 320 × 300 pixels with two layers.One of them is monochrome, and promises visibility even under strong light; and the other is colored, for normal use-to activate the colors, simply tap on the screen.

The LED smartwatches feature a pressure sensor on the left, another connector for charging the battery.On the right side, we have three buttons, and there we enter the Casio software differential.

The “Tool” button opens an app with information for adventurers: altitude, atmospheric pressure, compass, time of sunrise and sunset, and activity (calories burned and steps move forward).

There is also a specific monitoring for three types of activities. If you are on a trail (hiking), it shows the speed, altitude and time goal traveled; If you are fishing, changes in atmospheric pressure and tides; If you are riding a bicycle, he accompanies your altitude, speed and distance traveled.

Meanwhile, the “App” button allows you to access an app without using the touchscreen. The model I tested, it was configured to open the counter of steps. Finally, the central button is the Home, and back to the watch face.

There are two types of display: the normal mode has the design of watches from Casio, and displays data as atmospheric pressure and altitude; While the Timepiece mode shows only the hours and saves energy – it may work that way for up to a month. In normal mode, he has one day of autonomy.

The Casio WSD-F10 also serves as a remote control for the camera EX-FR100 action. You configure the camera, hold it on clothes and uses the watch to take pictures or record video.There’s no way to make adjustments on the camera or access your photos – he acts basically as a viewfinder.

And, of course, the clock brings your notifications Android device or iPhone, as well as any Android device Wear.

The Casio WSD-F10 will be released in four different colors – Orange, red, Brown and black-still no date or price defined.