[Hands-On] Alcatel Watch: A Watch For Those Just Starting Out

A manufacturer of smartphones launching a smart watch is nothing new. In fact, we’ve seen it happen five times last year-and that counting only those that use the Android Wear. Alcatel Onetouch, best known for its low-cost smartphones like the Idol (released in Brazil), is another who venture in the segment of wearable gadgets.

With the Watch, your recently announced low-cost Smart Watch, the Alcatel focuses on three things: design, simplicity and low price. In some of these criteria, the Watch gets easy.In other, well … don’t.

Let’s start with the design. Alcatel clearly inspired at least some details of beautiful Bike 360, Motorola, including that annoying black border at the bottom of the clock. The standard bracelet is a rubberized material drive, although Alcatel promised to launch metal versions in the future. In relation to the visual, my complaints are minimal. He is almost like the Bike 360, just lacking the finishing in industrial design when it is observed more closely. From a distance, however, someone who knows Smart Watches could be easily mistaken for him.

The only truly unfortunate design choice is closing. He is clumsy, doesn’t fit with ease and is unnecessarily confusing. The bracelet is not the only bad news because Alcatel squeezed a USB port on the end of it, so just plug it into a computer to recharge the watch – no cables, Yes. Alcatel says that the clock can be from two to five days with a charge, depending on the user, so hopefully you won’t have to reboot it as much as other type gadgets around.

What’s between the screen and the edge at that exact spot?

But it is the simplicity of the Watch that Alcatel diverges from other watches. Is the Pebble, Wear or Android (see http://www.foodezine.com/led-digital-watches/), Apple Watch all these have dedicated apps stores and communities of developers; the Watch does not have any of that. Yes, you can say it’s a negative thing, and if you’re an expert on smart watches, definitely, but Alcatel’s desire is to have a clock that just work without friction. That being the goal, they definitely did it. The Watch uses a dedicated app with versions for Android and iOS, and from it you can adjust settings, monitor their physical activities and move into other options.

The watch comes with 14 apps. Nothing more, nothing less. Press the button on the right side or rotate your wrist to activate it. Slide your finger to the right, invokes a menu of apps;down, shows all your notifications. These apps offer the essentials of a smart watch-heart rate monitor notifications, faces to watch etc. You can’t drive your BMW with him or anything like that, but if you just want a notification window on your wrist, basically what every guy’s Watch, so the Watch fulfils your function.

But it’s cheap just like Alcatel makes it appear with your statements? Not much. For $150, it is not so far from other more advanced models, like G Watch from LG or even the Asus ZenWatch.

The Alcatel Watch won’t get the smart watches aficionados, and to the extent that other companies begin to reveal the second generation of its, with more battery and better developed ecosystems, first generation will be a match to the Watch the fray by consumers more sensitive to prices. But Alcatel has something here and it might be worth keeping an eye.