GTasks, a Task Manager Synchronized with Google Tasks

Google offers many tools on the web that today have no official Android app, as it is the case with Google Tasks. This tool allows us to manage our tasks are easy, but now officially can only be done via the web. While we wait for Google to remove their official application we can use the application GTasks.

GTasks is a Task Manager designed for the Google Task sync, but that also allows us to use this application offline without Google account. It has a simple, easy to use interface and not missing details, it is very complete.

It has the same functionalities offered by the website of Google Tasks. We can create as many lists as you want to have a better management of our tasks. Our tasks we can put them one expiration date, that will be synchronized with Google Calendar and as a novelty, this application allows you to set an alarm so the phone message at a certain time.

Us offers two types of widgets. One normal and the other big, where we chose that you list we want to show us and their color, something that greatly facilitates see pending tasks that we have to not having to go to the application.

We can each list Customize with color, so if we want to see all tasks at the same time us easier to identify from that list is each task, but it allows us to say that this list does not appear in the general list, “ all ”. The list “ all ” can also be removed from the application preferences, if not we want to have that global list.

As mentioned, is designed to be synchronized with Google Tasks, with what changes we make will be reflected at both sites, so you can create your tasks from the web and later continue with the mobile. GTasks is available in the Android Market in a way free, Although there is a paid version of, to 6.99 dollars it takes your advertising.