Gorilla Glass 3 Dispuesto to Be See in CES 2013

For those who do not know, the coverage of screens Gorilla Glass The Corning company are a cover for touch screens that promise us greater protection screens, used in terminals as a SIII Galaxy Samsung and Asus with its Eee Pad Transformer. The first version of Gorilla Glass was characterized by one greater connection with the coverage hardness that there were already in the market, while the second version was thinner while maintaining durability.

Now, and continuing with that look which will be an annual tradition, will present Gorilla Glass 3 in CES 2013 in the next few days. This time they have been in a terse announcement that promises to be more resistant, although that will see live.

For the time being to Corning goes well you particularly with its tough coverage and has achieved that Samsung will open a factory of these components in China. We will be attentive to covering CES for conoceer all the innovations that can offer us this material.