Google Voice from USA with Love, Comparative of The Application between Android and IPhone

OK, possibly this headline not you paved very well if you’re a mobile holder with the iOS platform, or iPhone and derivatives (a bit strange that you’re reading this blog), but it was logical that Google Voice continue gaining ‘in house’.

Basically, Google Voice is like having a digital switchboard, in this virtual event, where you set a phone number from Google, which is who will share with the world. This number you associate all fixed or mobile phones you want and set filters as if it were your Gmail mailbox.

For those who do not have very clear offering Google Voice, I recommend to read the analysis of Engadget where they explain how integrated web version in Gmail.

Hold on, If you connect from Spain, do not attempt to register This service of Google, because at the moment only available in the USA. If you’re a little crafty, configuring your connection with a USA proxy, you can complete the process of activation, but notice that is a bit tedious and, today, the truth, taking fonYou in Spain, it no longer needs.

In any case, USA users take a time using it and can give us a breakthrough is this service and, for the part that we are interested in how it works on a mobile Android vs iPhone.

  • Easy, Google has put the best of the factory on your Android and Google Voice will be integrated into your mobile phone like a glove. IOS is one application again, with all that that entails for a mobile with ‘agreed’ multi-tasking.
  • You can configure your Android so by default, calls are made through Google Voice, or that you ask before each call. IOS this possibility does not exist, the application is not integrated in the mobile
  • Obvious, as in Android is integrated, dialing a call is made from your Android marker, no more. IOS should launch the application, logical.
  • All these processes are instant in your mobile Android, but in iOS reported that you usually take about 15 seconds until the application has loaded completely. It gives you a heart attack and now directly San Pedro let you your mobile Android
  • Seems to be the subject of notifications of the SMS sent from Google Voice on Android are not very well resolved, because they do not always become instantly as it would happen with SMS via your mobile operator notifications. This time wins iOS, because notification of sent will arrive as with other applications.
  • Both Android and iOS have to send the SMS from within Google Voice, because if you do it from the native application on your mobile, the number that will appear to the recipient will be your operator and not your Google Voice number. That depends on what you like to show.
  • Android and iOS, voicemail is interested in comparison to your cell carrier. You save the extra operator cost, in addition to alert you with an email where, in addition, make a written transcript of the voice message content.
  • Any such service need to run data connection, but according to the analysis, Google Voice on Android works well even when the signal quality is poor. IOS if there is good signal seems that you can not do anything.

Conclusion taking into account as explained on the limitation of Google Voice in Spain, I propose that you go through the web of fonYou, you study their services and, while those of Google decide to disembark in hispania, give him a chance. The application for Android still have not officially on the Market, but have already hung the poster of ‘coming soon’.