Google Presents New Ads Playable and Improvement in Mobile Video Ads

Today in the Game Developers Conference (GDC) that it is taking place this week in San Francisco, Google He has presented two interesting new features in its platform of advertising to video games for mobile devices.

Google has introduced its new ads playable, a new format of interactive advertisement with which developers can create a light version of your game so that users can try it during the announcement to get an idea of what will give you the full game.

These playable ads are more a version in HTML5 games that developers can create a demo mode. Users will begin to see these new ads playable Google Ads in the coming months. Now now developers to offer playable ads had to rely on other companies for ads.

Another important development has to do with the video ads. Insurance more than once were playing a game in vertical and after finishing a game you think a video ad in horizontal that it forces you to play your device to see it in the correct position. All a nuisance that Google solves thanks to artificial intelligence.

The new function auto-flip of Google will identify objects more important in each frame in the horizontal video for automatically create an optimized version of the video to be played on vertical. Thus if we have the video vertically we see videos in vertical.

The first tests of Google with this new formed video are a success. New videos automatically generated vertically have a rate 20% higher click on videos played on horizontal, since the majority of users that use mobile vertical do not bother to turn the phone to see the ad, they hope to finish to close it.