Google Outperforms Microsoft in Stock Market, Only for The First Time It Exceeds Apple as Technology Company

Today for the first time in history Google has surpassed Microsoft in terms of market capitalization *. On the day of this Monday the capitalization of the company of the search engine It has exceeded 249.000 million dollars (193.192 million euros) the 248,000 million dollars (192.363 million euros) of Microsoft front.

The actions of Google have come to overcome the 761 dollars (590 euros) throughout the day on the Nasdaq technology index. With these figures Google has become the second most important technology company in the world, just behind Apple, which has a capitalization of 625,000 million dollars (484.776 million euros), with which the search engine guys have enough work to overcome the Apple.

In 14 years Google has managed to overtake Microsoft as enterprise software, something that seemed impossible for many. Web services in Google as its search engine, maps and its Android operating system have achieved actions not stop growing until beating Microsoft in market value.