Google Launches Web Starter Kit to Facilitate The Web Design of Multiple Devices

Designing a web page already is not such easy as before, we must now adapt websites to more sizes and types of screens that look well and they can be used perfectly on them. For this reason Google Developers It has released the first beta of Web Starter Kit, its cross-platform interface for Web pages.

Web Starter Kit It is a tool that enables developers easily create your adaptable website to multiple devices interface to make then look perfectly on computers, mobile and tables. Web Starter Kit will use JavaScript, CSS and HTML to design web pages very optimized in performance.

Web Starter Kit they could try that rumored Quantum Paper, in which Google would provide a cross-platform interface, but as we see, at the moment Web Starter Kit is only for pages and Web applications. It will touch us to continue waiting to see if Google will also finally unify the Android interface with this design of Web pages.