Google Launches Free App of the Week Play for Users

Google Play features from these moments of a new section that will like very much to all the Android users, it is no less than the Free app of the week. A section that no doubt has been copied from the App Store of Apple and which will allow us to have an outstanding application that we will be able to download for free.

Google Launches Free App of the Week Play For Users

In particular this free app of the week will be selected among applications that developers can already put to 0 euro when they create suitable and thus will appear highlighted within Google Play so users can download it for free. A section that indicates which application is the most valued at least within the criteria of the own application store.

Google Play and free applications

Download this Free app of the week is not going to have any kind of complication, since we will only have to go to that section and previously download it check that your price is marked in the 0 euros. By the time the new section is not operational in all markets.

It is normal that soon everyone can download these applications without problems, so you do need to lay that be aware of Google Play and see every week which is its applications. This is only one of the methods that we have to find free applications, but sure that we also take much advantage. and to start war of letters for free.