Google, Facebook and Apple ID Tips: How to Enable Two-step Verification

It is always important to protect your private information, and today we write about how you can enable two-step verification for Google and Facebook account or Apple ID.

Protect your Web accounts with two-step confirmation

You can activate the 2-step confirmation and protect your accounts quickly, so you are safe, though some were to steal your password. Perhaps it sounds complicated or too cumbersome, but it is a good way to keep it protected at, so you can relax!

Gmail: How does the 2-step confirmation?

Gmail security

If you enable Google’s 2-step confirmation, it requires 2 steps to be able to log in:

1. Enter the password
2. Enter the code you received via SMS, mobile app or phone message

Remember that you can choose not to receive codes on one or more computers. You can do this during the actual the login.

How enable man 2-trinsverificering for Google accounts?

It is relatively easy to activate the 2-step confirmation

1. Sign in to the Google account settings page
2. Click account
3. Click Security
4. Click Setup next to the Two-stage verification
5. Follow the instructions and provide phone number
6. It is the


* Keep in mind that it is possible to add reserve phone numbers
* You can also click here, log on and follow the process