Google Could Present The Fusion of Android and Chrome OS Next October 4

Tuesday 4 October it will be a date that will be recorded in history Google and surely also in the history of computing. Under the slogan “Made by Google” the search engine company will give a heavy blow on the table to show the world how a hardware manufacturer that will compete for you you against Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and that until today were partners, like Samsung and Huawei.

According to leaks, Google will present under its brand name the new mobile Pixel and Pixel XL, the new Chromecast Ultra, your new router Google WiFi, VR DayDream View sunglasses, more information on your Google Home speaker and perhaps could also introduce two Android Wear watches. But there would not be the thing, since according to last-minute rumours Google could make a very important announcement that affects the future of Android and Chrome OS.

We announced the 1st version of Android 8 years ago today. I have a feeling 8 years from now we ‘ ll be talking about Oct 4, 2016.

— Hiroshi Lockheimer (@lockheimer) September 24, 2016

On Friday, September 23 Android was eight years old, and did not occur to the Android Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer, best way to remember this anniversary with a tweet that says that within another eight years also we will be talking about October 4, so it seems that there will be some very important announcement that affects the operating system.

Andromeda, the fusion of Android and Chrome OS

Hiroshi Lockheimer words have made the rumors about the expected merger of Android and Chrome OS to be fired. Last year The Wall Street Journal confirmed that Google was working on the merger of its two operating systems to have a single convergent operating system that adapts to any type of device on the market.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google would provide a preview for this 2016, but until 2017 would not be officially to the market. Now rumors say that his presentation would be on 4 October and that this merger project has the name of Andromeda, as the Galaxy or the daughter of the Ethiopian King Cepheus and Cassiopeia of Greek mythology.

A few months ago the fusion of Android and Chrome OS ceased to be a secret. Google Play is coming to the current Chromebooks as a transition to the future merger of both operating systems. Also caught attention to Android 7.0 Nougat is prepared for windows the Windows style.

Is possible that 7.1 Android Nougat one Desktop interface to be officially used in laptops, and convertible tablets. It seems that Google will be encouraged to compete at all against 10 Windows, OS X and Linux distributions. On 4 October we will leave doubts.