Google and Operators Unite to Promote The Standard RCS: Successor of SMS and Rival of WhatsApp

The World Association of operators and related companies GSMA y Google have joined forces to promote the expansion of the successor of elos SMS, the new standard for messaging RCS It’s coming to the Android operating system this year.

Now the operators will begin to use the new universal profile RCS and IM client for Android that Google has already set to launch in the coming months. This new standard of Google will offer operators communication services enriched with all the advantages of popular services messaging, such as group chat, sharing high resolution images, videos, audios, documents, locations and emojis, make calls and video calls by VoIP.

The RCS It is nothing new, for several years I try to deploy in Spain and several countries with Joyn, known as the WhatsApp from operators, but did not succeed this project. In these four years 47 operators around the world have launched their own messaging RCS services but with compatibility issues, each operator and messaging application implemented its own profile. The RCS was born because operators want to have their own WhatsApp managed by themselves.

In September of last year we knew that Google was going to push with Android the new RCS standard with the purchase of the leading provider of RCS services Jibe Mobile. Now we know that Jibe It is now the new platform to both Google and operators used to send RCS messages between mobile devices.

Jibe Platform, universal standard of Google to the RCS

Jibe Google Platform offers the expected standard for messages RCS that will work with any operator currently does with SMS/MMS, and most importantly, it will managed by own operators you could charge for the use of this service as they already do with SMS and MMS.

Surely Google Messenger be the first customer messaging that allows us to create groups, share files and much more style WhatsApp Thanks to the standard RCS, but as we have seen the sending and receiving of messages RCS will not be managed by Google but by our operator. Our message RCS will be our operator servers to a server called GSMA-certified Jibe Cloud that you will do as the message quickly to reach our contact is the operator who is.

In short, what Google has presented is a WhatsApp managed by each of the operators. Operators may decide to charge for each message sent as SMS, or if you charge a subscription, or if not to charge anything. So that the RCS successful operators would not have paid nothing and Apple’s mobile devices and Microsoft would have to support this new standard driven by Google and the GSMA.