Goodbye to The Renove Style Orange, The Programme of Renovation of Terminals from Zero Euros

After announcing a new renewal of its fares last week in which fee again importance new compatible with 4G only I already anticipate SIM Orange sent a second plane 20 dolphin, Dolphin 30, and whale 42 unique rates that remain in the operator and which continue to offer Smartphones from zero euros.

But the disappearance of these latest rates for the site operator, although they are still contract, is not the only sign of the definitive end of the grants in the operator and it is from this month It is no longer possible to use the Renove style Orange, featuring smartphones from zero euros depending on the chosen tariff.

Until last month the customers of Orange had three methods to renew your phone, using the accumulated points while maintaining their current rate, Renove style obtaining a specified price according to chosen tariff or payment in installments with rates that are compatible with this.

But since October the only option offered to renew with the possibility of obtaining a phone “free” without pulling point disappears, in which is therefore the final farewell to subsidies for Orange customers already, leaving as the only option to get phone to zero euros portability to the rates mentioned above.

General and logical movement

This movement of the French company should not catch anyone against the foot and is entering in the logic of the subsidies disapear direct that we saw in his direct rivals Since Movistar announced its policy change in March of last year.

Since that announcement, Vodafone and Yoigo joined soon truck change of subsidies by the payment while Orange formed a catalogue in which both options were mixed, but compatible with subsidy rates were falling increasingly more Dickensian clearly superior SIM only tariffs.

Now only remains to Orange of the definitive slam to dolphin 20, 30 dolphin and whale 42 rates so that we can say that phones at zero euros have gone down in history in the large operators, although these continue hiding partial subsidies on installment payments.