Goodbye to The Free SmartSIM for Customers of The New Rates Orange Whale

A few days ago Orange introduced us new fares, which usually came up the capacity of its bonds data becoming also a few compatible with upcoming 4G networks, but there was a tinge on new rates whale missed the French brand.

And is that the former whale rates that we knew, which are no longer contract, the possibility was offered of share data with a second SIM pay only 5 euros for this, no monthly fees, possibility that new rates disappears.

Customers who since the renewal of rates, this last Monday, made with any of the whale contract rates, even the whale 42 that already existed previously, may request a smartSIM with which to share data for five euros and use it free but only until December.

Thereafter, users who have been made with a whale fee since these days will have to pay three euros per month by sharing data with the SIM, to make users of other rates. The change does not affect the users who already endowed with a contracted smartSIM, so it may continue to use it free of charge.

With this change one of the big advantages disappears rates whale, which due to its characteristics, include as a minimum the now contract 2 GB, made them very attractive for anyone with more than one device only wanted to hire a line/rate.

Tendency to charge by the second SIM

The Orange movement is not surprising in a market where the trend is to have that pay for sharing data with several SIM or different lines. For Movistar customer can apply for up to three additional SIM without high cost but paying three euros a month by the total number of SIM extras that count.

In the case of Vodafone cost is five euros per month for extra SIM although rate Network2 offers a free and additional two SIM prevention3 free. The more rare case ES yoigo, It offers the possibility to share the bonds of data, not rates that they include data, among all lines of a same owner for three euros a month.

Between virtual, it is difficult to find operators that offer this possibility. Among those who if they offer the possibility of sharing data between several SIM are Pepephone, Carrefour mobile, Euskaltel and mobilR, with prices between two and three euros per month by line.