Get Calls and SMS to 1 Cent with The New 4 Squirrel and Squirrel 7 Contract Orange

After entering the minute 1 cent calls on prepaid, Orange He moved from today very similar offers to customers of contract who already have mobile and prefer to save with a single SIM rates are now complemented by the new Squirrel 4 and squirrel 7.

New rates share calls to 1 cent min (more 15 cents of establishment) and messages to 1 cent/SMS in Exchange for a monthly fee that is reflected in the name of the tariff and is of 4 euros If not usually navigate with mobile or 7 euros which includes 500 MB with excess speed reduced to 64 Kbps.

Recruitment involves one stay 12 months (unless request you online) and the payment of a high of 15 euros (except portability and migration), still available for new customers and current as maximum left them 6 months to finish existing permanence in the operator.

New rates with payment descatalogan the previous 8 squirrel and squirrel 15 than if subsidized mobile.

Rates only SIM from Orange, pleasant front nonsense?

The only operator that continued subsidizing mobile in Spain is going gradually to pay in instalments in order to lower the rates to levels of its main rivals and not to lose the perception that Orange also plays in the League of the cheapest although with double segmentation “low cost” (not counting with Simyo) that increasingly seems to make less sense. He was born as a brand low-cost of the own Orange and not as an own MVNO that sought to pretend it, complementing the offer of Orange for a particular profile of users low-cost that does not seem to be very well defined given that new SIM only tariffs they are intended for the same type of customers.

Both Amena and SIM only tariffs are compatible with mobile payment and have very similar characteristics despite clear differences such as the absence of permanence, the lower cost of high and service the customer’s payment in Amena as you can see in the comparison. ¿The sense then keep both proposals if it makes competition the one to the other?

The complete range of rates available with Orange is follows: