Gas Stations, Spain, to Know The Price of Fuels

One of the most useful things to have a permanent Internet connection is just to save money, have all the necessary information when making a purchase so we don’t charge more. And with gas stations Spain it is possible Locate the cheapest gas station around our.

The application is fairly simple in use but powerful in the information provided by us. Allows you to select preferences, which basically are the brands of gas stations that we want to see (if we have discount cards), what type of fuel do we want, and the distance we want to see prices (depends of the far who are willing to go to save us some money).

The display is through Google Maps, where we see service stations with the price of fuel selected just above. This allows us to bring us closer to the cheapest gas station in the area and so saving money for a service that is exactly the same.

After clicking on one specific gasolinera can see when the price has been updated (it is usually on the day) and can give you the button of Navigate to open Google Maps Navigation directly with the fate of this gas station set. Very simple and practical.

The surprising thing about the subject is that there is enough difference in prices at gas stations even of the same brand, and simply move to the next gas station to find best prices. Therefore it becomes routine to move from home to work, for example, look at gasoline prices to refuel at the cheaper Road service station.