Fossil Q Marshal in the Test: the Model Mini Tainted

The fossil Q founder was the proof: even the “old” watch industry can build great Smartwatches. But also the fossil can convince Q Marshal? We do the test.

When it comes to Android wear, was a maues year 2016. Except for ASUS, none of the established manufacturers has brought a new Smartwatch with the Google operating system on the market. Lenovo has announced even more to build for the time being no Moto watches. Is Android wear so that at the end? Fortunately not. Because traditional clock manufacturers have adopted the theme and bring out more and more Android wear time iron. This includes also fossil. With the Q marshal the fashion company has already his second Android wear watch on sale.

Great design with a beauty spot

Especially in the case, of course, the company can play its strengths. And that fossil understands something of them, you notice immediately: the aluminium housing is elegant, feels good and looks very classy in dark blue. The bezel and the Crown will contribute to the successful optics. Both elements are used, with the exception of button at the Crown, but only to the ornament and not move. In contrast to the Q founder the Q Marshal appears also somewhat lighter.

But this is a fallacy. The amount of housing and the extent remain the same with 14 and 45 millimeters, respectively. In addition, the Q Marshal is IP67 dust – and waterproof LED watches, may be so even wet. There’s a small damper, if you look at the display. Because there the brightness sensor is housed as the Moto 360 and the Q founder. This “Flatfoot” ensures that a small portion of the otherwise round display is obscured. When reading messages that no longer bothers. Good but if you round Watchfaces. To perfect happiness, a heartbeat sensor is missing also. The clock is so only suitable for athletes.

Good work pace and long term

There are however not more to complain about. 360 x 290 pixels, the display offers a high enough resolution. The screen offers although not the most stable viewing angles, as you but anyway keep the clock to read in front of the nose, which not necessarily needed. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon wear ensures a neat work tempo 2100. The Q Marshal fix responds to touch and voice inputs. In the menu nothing jerky, it’s fun.

In addition the excellent battery life. Fossil specifies a term of one day. Because I it but don’t see that the display lights up when I do not use the watch, I am at Android wear always the option “display always on” off. At night I put the clock even in airplane mode. So I came to a period of good two days.

In everyday notice also, that the Marshal Q sits very comfortably. This is also the supplied leather strap with pin buckle. If you don’t like it, you can order the watch with a link bracelet – or use your own. Because the Q Marshal is compatible with all 22 mm straps.

Android wear 2.0 comes

The OS is Android wear in the current version Unlike about ASUS at the ZenWatch 3 fossil does not attempt to press you additional apps for the fitness tracking and co. on the eye. There are a few pre-installed Watchfaces which incidentally look not so bad – and that was it. Good to know: on demand, fossil confirmed that an update to Android wear 2.0 Gets the Q Marshal, once the software is ready.

During the operation, there are no differences to other Android wear watches. It wipes out the Watchface down, you’ll see messages from the Smartphone and Google now maps. Messages can answer you, depending on the compatibility of app by voice of the clock, or wipe the page. Then they disappear from the lock screen on your Smartphone. Did you you a time verfranzt in the system, you just press the button at the Crown and once again enters the Watchface.

So you can use the fossil Q Marshal, you need a smart phone with the Android version 4.3 or higher. Theoretical work “Android Wear” watches for a while even with the iPhone (iPhone 5 with iOS 8 or later). In practice, you can not but use some functionality.

Conclusion: the perfect leisure Smartwatch

Also with the Q Marshal fossil is really much. The watch looks good, feels comfortable and working fix. With the correct settings, the battery lasts through long time. Briefly: The clock belongs to the best on the market – “wear of Android” as long you want to use it for sporting activities. Because it lacks the heart rate sensor. With a price from 229 euro it is Moto 360 the previous year not more expensive than the ASUS ZenWatch 3 and even significantly cheaper than that. If you’re looking for a Smartwatch with Android wear, you should pull the Q Marshal definitely considering.