Facebook Copies Twitter Hashtag Function

The popular Twitter-feature # (hashtag) has now also found its way to Facebook.

The two social networks Facebook and Twitter are competitors, but now also the famous Facebook copies Twitter-feature # hashtag. It writes our site.

You probably also know it from your own news, that some of your Facebook friends have long used the # character, although it has not had any function on Facebook.

But now the developers have added the feature from the competitor Twitter. So, you use the # sign on Facebook, you can now create keywords that makes one’s updates can be included in multiple contexts – outside your immediate network.

On Twitter has this feature long overall everything about a given topic, as for example, Melodi Grand Prix, X-factor and much more.

The hashtags that already exist on Facebook, is now also all made active.

Facebook has also previously copied Twitter feature to follow the other, even if they don’t follow you.