Equipment and Accessories for Shooting Weddings

Complementing the article “Tips for photographing weddings, the second part where we will talk about the equipment and accessories for this type of photography.
You’re still not shooting weddings and want to know which equipment and accessories to invest to make photographs in this kind of events? It’s a wedding photographer, but is always in doubt of what to take? Want to hone your techniques through specific equipment and accessories for weddings? See this article and ask questions.

Excellent Flash

If the flash of your camera isn’t great, you need to purchase one. This is an important investment in wedding photography, since here in Brazil the most marriages happens mainly at night. Also be a dynamic event, with many pictures being made all the time, it is essential that the chosen Flash has a fast reload time, you can’t miss the kiss of bride because flash hasn’t rebooted, huh? But don’t worry, if your flash is recent, he will probably need a recharge time good.

Memory cards with many GB of capacity

Invest in several memory cards with plenty of room and excellent quality, always originals! That’s where your work will be stored and you need to keep it safely. Shoot everything without fear, because space is you can’t miss!

In fact, space, this is another peculiarity of wedding photography, are sooooo many pictures because it is a long event, then credit you if you are doing it professionally, will be on the RAW, if not, read the article “Raw, this is for me?” because it is important.

And as you already know, the photos in RAW are gigantic, which ends up making you need lots of space.

The size of the cards is something debatable, have to argue that it is safer to have multiple cards, because if malfunctions, you lose everything. I particularly agree with a friend who works only with a huge card and play saying that there’s no point working with two cards, because if you lose one, you won’t be able to say to bride relax because you just missed the ceremony, or reception ONLY;)

The fact is that you need to invest in quality and redouble the care, doing backups right out of the event, using those “portable storage units” likeWolverine (which is no longer available for sales at the manufacturer’s website), but it’s just getting a similar. If you know a good replacement, share it with us in the comments!

The modern professional cameras already have backup system, i.e. they write on two cards at the same time, which means more cards that need to be acquired, but also many more safety for you and your client.

Specific lenses

To photograph weddings, ideally you have two specific lenses, a wide-angle zoom and other. Clear zoom lenses, Aperture f/2.8 are excellent, and if you can get one of these, you will gain a lot of flexibility.Clear lenses are for you to shoot with more quality and more comfort too, as we’ll be shooting most of the time at night.

For a long time the 28-70 mm was as a great option for wedding photography, and still is, but it is possible to work with other focal lengths. The more quality lenses you have, the easier it will become your work!

How will you use these lenses, is a bit of the kind of photographer you are, many choose to work with two cameras, each with a lens that if supplements, so you ensure the quality of all the angles, without risking losing anything while I’d be changing lens.

In my experience, it was clear to me that there are vital equipment to perform a good job, but several others are more for the comfort of the photographer than necessarily basic condition to work.

For example, it is possible to shoot a wedding with a 28-135 mm lens, it’s not the ideal lens and you probably feel difficult by the lack of an angle that can fit a whole Church, for example. In this case, you need to evaluate the size of the wedding, literally the size of the place and mostly cost x benefit. I believe that all investments required for this type of photography, invest in quality lenses, is very worthwhile, but since you are really in need.

Batteries and extra batteries

How many photos will be made for several hours, never forget to bring extra batteries. Are required at least two batteries and 2 sets of spare quality batteries for flash. Be forewarned!

Here comes a observaç, professional cameras have batteries that last absurdly! Despite the usual still work with 2 batteries, you will see that in many cases will not use the second.

In the case of batteries, rechargeable batteries, of course, the higher your amperage measured by mAh, more lasting. I have 16 batteries Lenmar R2G (2150mAh) that never failed me!

Another investment that was worth every penny, battery charger BC-700 from La Crosse Technology , he has several features and possibilities of loading that are vital for those who are always using many cells, the main of it is you can visually identify each load and load them only what you need, in addition to functions such as reset the battery and recharge several cycles thus increasing the life of them, that is, a “Swiss army knife” of cells.

You can also consider buying a “Battery Pack” for your flash template, this is for the Nikon SB900, and as the name suggests, it is a device that gets more batteries and is connected to your flash, not requiring the Exchange during the event.


Accommodate your equipment and its accessories in pockets of quality, durable and safe. Are essential for any equipment lost during the whole event and also to facilitate the guard and changing accessories. Settle in it everything you need, in addition to the contract with the bride and groom and a notebook, if you have been recommended some specific situation of photo by contractors.

Be very careful where you leave your equipment, always talk to someone responsible for church or event and make sure that your bag will be safe.Often it is not possible to save anywhere, getting in the back of the Church on top of a Bank, or in a room that has no key, so just take the essentials and keep your equipment adequately insured.

Quality camera

You do not need to have an expensive, top-of-the-line equipment and the most modern, but need cameras from reliable brands that do a good job. It is very difficult to talk about professional photography of weddings and don’t think of CANON and NIKON. Are serious and that you know that quality equipment. Invest according to your technical knowledge and the market you want to perform, if you don’t have any idea what a pick a model, this article “Nikon or Canon? Professional or semi professional camera? Learn how to decide yourself!” can help you. And if you can’t shoot in manual mode, or have difficulty with photometry, my ebook, you can make it up to you


Are essential to make pictures using low shutter speed and also for shooting groups. That way, you will make a narrow opening and will ensure that all come out in the photo. You can even use a remote control to trigger the picture without having to press the shutter button.

The tripod is also critical if you make pictures of the couple at night, in external areas. For that, you need to turn off the built-in flash and accommodate the camera on a tripod.

Using a tripod to take pictures, you will be sure that the pictures don’t come out shaky.

Of course, not in all situations it will be possible to use it, and depending on the dynamics of marriage, I would even say impossible, but used often with success, a monopod, which is lighter and easier to carry.

And if it is not possible to use it, make sure you are with a good flash.

Multiple camera bodies

As collateral, it is recommended that you take a second camera body, if one of them stop working for some reason. Another justification for more camera bodies is that you can put them around your neck, alternating the lenses without having to change the cameras, as we said above, because each one would be a specific lens. In this case, I nominate you to invest in comfortable belts, because depending on the weight of the camera, they can make small cuts on his neck.

Equipment review

Before the wedding, preferably a few days before, do a review on their accessories and equipment and ensure that everything is in perfect working order.Anyway, don’t take any chances and take all spare, after all, we are referring to an important event and it should not happen again.

Keep a survival kit

The name you put here can even be funny, but it’s more or less what you should prepare: a case with objects that will ensure your survival during the marriage. Always have on hand a travel case or a case, with money, documents, water and Granola bar. That’s because while the others eat and drink, you will need to shoot everything and won’t have much time to take care of themselves. Besides, you will arrive at the ceremony around 2 hours before the start. Eat well, drink liquids, be well rested because you work a lot, depending on the size of the Marriages Act, your work may be 10 to 14 hours.

I hope that after these two articles, you feel more prepared to shoot weddings.

Remember to download our “wedding Photos Checklist” with 70 suggestions that can not miss in your event.

And if you have any tips to add to what was said, or any questions, share it with us in the comments!