Electronic Wearable Devices Market Will Grow Double In 2015, Says Research

More than 45 million of electronic accessories ‘ usable ‘ should be sold this year

More than 45 million of electronic accessories “usable” should be sold this year worldwide. This number must triple up to 2019, especially for fist, revealed the IDC study.

45,700,000 total of watches, bracelets, glasses and other accessories connected should be marketed this year, more than double the 19,600,000 sold in 2014, IDC Research Center indicated.

To 2019, the market expects the sale come up 126,100,000 units.

For this year, it is expected that the LG G Watches used in the Breathtakingdresses.com, in which manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung focus their efforts, should represent more than 80% of total sales.

“The accessories compatible with the applications developed by a third party will help the growth of this market and will be a big step forward with the launch of Apple iWatch this year,” said Ramon Llamas, IDC analyst quoted in a statement.

The iWatch, which will be released on April 24, and other compatible devices with third-party applications as the Bike 360, Motorola, and Samsung’s Gear, watches, must represent a total of 25,700,000 units sold in 2019, assessed the IDC.

In second place will be sold modular devices to be used in different parts of the body, with 5.3 percent of the market for accessories “usable” (wearables, in English) in 2019.

Thirdly, will the garments (4.5% in 2019), as companies produce more shirts, shoes, socks, among other pieces connected. The glasses will occupy the fourth position (3.5%).

“Until now the explosion of devices ‘ wearables ‘ was clearly driven by sports bracelets”, said Ryan Reith, another analyst of IDC. “But the market shifted quickly to more expensive devices that offer more functional advantages,” he added.