Eggster (Module Xposed), Changes The Egg’s Easter of The Version of Android Easily

For all Android users who follow us regularly, speak of the the Android version Easter egg It is known, but for those who do not know what Google is introducing a small animation or screenshot that leaves evidence of the version that runs your device.

To view it you have to press several times consecutively the Android version from settings-> about-> Version of Android phone. Thanks to the Xposed Framework module known as Eggster You can change the animation in a matter of seconds.

We are talking about a module Xposed Framework, i.e. the requirements take for granted so that the latter works, terminal Android 2.3 or higher with Xposed Framework installed, which implies Terminal rooted.

Eggster allows change by the time lto animation among the available officially by Google and is working to make compatible it with the latest available versions of the operating system Android and also to be able to display custom animations.