Doit.IM, a Tasks Manager for Android That Is Good, Beautiful and Free

Today, the task managers We are indispensable when the burden of labor and social obligations leave us a respite, but also, as system optimization of time and achievement of tasks.

In the market there are many solutions, more or less popular, among which stands out in its stronghold of Mac the better-known Things (only available for iOS and OS X). Here, we are rather sympathetic Google, let’s talk of Doit.IM for several reasons: is free, cross-platform and in addition is synchronized in the cloud (sorry Things, you stay behind).

Doit.IM, following the trail of Things and improving it

It must be clear from the outset, Doit.IM It is a task manager that, for many, sucks to plagiarism of Things, but the issue is that both follow the GTD philosophy (Getting Things Done) and, therefore, there is no more way to distribute information following this method.

Particularly I liked very much, because I could test it without leaving me a grassland. In the PC version have solved it in 2 ways. There are desktop version for Windows and Linux (sorry, I’m from OS X, so I have not been able to browse them). For OS X there are resorting to using the web browser, that will not give as many possibilities as an application management, but We can consult our account from any computer in the world.

Of course, the possibility of synchronization in the cloud It has been instrumental to begin using it by default (Things currently does not include this possibility).

Doit.IM, mobile version for Android and iOS platform

What is an application of type point GTD which, when you’re away from home, not you can update your tasks on the fly?, obvious that the answer to this question is to have mobile version, but also, to be able to synchronize this with ‘ the other ’ through internet.

The surprise comes because, in addition, the mobile version of Doit.IM is for Android and iOS platform. In both cases is free Download. I wonder where will bring the pasta company that develops it all. Either way, enjoy it and get out, that that it is.