Do We See Someday an Android without Java?

The news is day. The confrontation between Oracle and Google (now Alphabet) finally has a figure: $ 9,300 billion, half of the annual profit of Alphabet. We have a request that is enormous, although it is not official to go to pay, at least for the moment.

The idea of Google’s basing its Android platform on Java It was controversial from the beginning. Mostly because based on a license-free Java then really it was not so free. And seen, it was a mistake: has would have saved headaches of head, lawyers and possible sanction multi-billion dollar by choosing another software platform, or even creating their own. Is it time that Android leave Java?

It is Android is the solution?

But the problem is really solved with Android N. With this version Android migrates Apache Harmony Java to OpenJDK. A deployment now itself completely free Java and that was created after the birth of Android.

It seems that the reasons for change of platform is simply that they want to work with a more modern implementation of Java, Java 8, and Android was stuck in the past. But surely there are also legal reasons for this change.

However, OpenJDK, despite being free, is still a product of Oracle. Although there is no paying anything it is good that the relations between the user and the supplier of the technology are good. It does not seem so in the case of Android.

Could Android migrate to other programming platforms?

The problem of Android migrating to other platforms is that there is too much back. Java is not only a programming language, that would be easy to migrate. Java is a virtual machine, with an API that makes interface between the developer and the operating system.

But it is an undeniable fact that in many cases the legal reasons have weighed more than technicians at many companies when making decisions. The 9,300 million dollars given to much. And it could also be that Oracle claimed, in addition to such compensation only for damage of the past, annual compensation for the use in the future. Is Google really going to continue to have relationship with Oracle, through OpenJDK? I see it complicated.

Still pages for writing this story are. But the truth is that Android is a fundamental change and would not be rare that after this claim in Google are already thinking about leaving completely behind to Java. In fact there are some plans to let Java back that have long circulating out there and not just materialize.