DABMAN1 with Bluetooth Speakers

The DABMAN 1 is lightweight and extremely compact and is therefore ideal for on the go. So, the small device can be used, for example, as DAB + and FM receiver. Also the DABMAN 1 a transmitter function, with which other devices on DAB + can be upgraded.

DABMAN1 with Bluetooth speaker

With only 35 g, the compact DABMAN 1 is a real lightweight. Despite its small size and its almost been vanishingly low weight, the instrument has many functions. It uses the DABMAN 1 as mobile DAB + and FM receiver, you can rely on many user friendly features such as a drop-down list with 20 memory locations, multilingual menu, or the sleep timer function. Operated intuitively via a large control panel. Thanks to multicolored and backlit LCD display, one is always in the picture when it comes to channel information such as title and artist name, etc.

In addition the DABMAN 1 also provides a transmitter function: the received radio signals (DAB + and FM) to another device can be wirelessly transmitted and also played via Bluetooth and FM. Thus, it is possible by means of the DABMAN 1 easily, quickly and affordably on DAB + reception to upgrade the device. This, for example, perfectly suitable for car radios, stereos, or speaker. The built-in Li-Polymer battery of DABMAN 1 can be easily recharged via USB and provides an operating time of up to 11 hours at short loading interval according to the wholesale Bluetooth.