Casio Android Wear Smartwatch

The Casio Watch Smart Outoor WSD-F10 will be the first fully intelligent watch the legendary company

Some time ago we announced that Casio was preparing its own smartwatch to compete with the new wave of devices that have hit the market. This is the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD F-10 (yes, they are not too good at that of naming their products) and may be purchased from March 25 at a price that will be around $ 500.

Can you win an even more expensive than the Apple Watch smartwatch? Given that your operating system will be Android Wear (see what is Android wear on Digopaul), it is clearly positioned as one of the most expensive

Casio Android Wear Smartwatch

watches platform , surpassing even the Huawei Watch or the Samsung Gear S2. Although not want to be doomsayers far, we do not augur a good future for this smartwatch Casio given the competition around him.

The smart watch Casio continues with the same premise that has made famous his other brothers not so smart: durability and maximum resistance. It is made of stainless steel features the standard MIL-STD 0810 resistance against water, sand and blows , using military equipment in the United States Army. You can submerge up to 50 meters, so that divers surely have the first smart watch tailored to your needs.

As for the screen is a sphere of 1.32 inches that has a very striking feature: has a second monochrome screen that can be used instead of the main color display. If we use the latter, the company promises a battery life of up to 1 month. As for the main screen uses LCD technology and offer an acceptable resolution of 320 x 300 pixels.

The smartwatch Casio has a second monochrome display that will offer one month of autonomy

The device is clearly oriented to physical exercise and comes with pre-instaladar for fishing, climbing or cycling applications. Greatly surprised, however, that does not have GPS chip , so completely will depend on our phone if we geolocalizar our activity.

As mentioned, the Smart Outdoor Casio Watch will be available to buy from March 25 on Google, Amazon or through Casio’s own page. If we want we prepare the $ 500 it costs, yes, surely we will not have such a strong smart watch like this in our lives.

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