Browser Version of WhatsApp Review

Now, there is also a WhatsApp version for your browser. The Web client is compatible first exclusively with the chrome browser. Through this, you can now sent and received messages. But, iOS users are excluded from the service as a result of “limitations”.

To use WhatsApp for the browser in the future, a QR-code is available on the dedicated website. This can be connected with the smart phone. First, you must scan the code but with the camera of smart phones. Then nothing more in the way is the use of the chrome browser. However, IOS users can not use the Messenger service due to platform limitations. View for how to install.

Developers refer to himself as “an extension of the phone” the browser version of WhatsApp in an official statement. For a proper use of the Web version, but to recommend it, first download the new update Whatsapp over Google play is. The connection to the browser output via the menu of the app can be triggered in the latest version of WhatsApp. Chats and messages are mirrored in the future but from the phone to the PC. The messages continue to run on the Smartphone. This means that the new service only works if the phone has a working Internet connection.