Bike 360: Wireless Charger

When we first saw the Bike 360 in person, we were delighted with your beautiful design.Now, judging by these photos of Mister Gadget, know that your wireless charger is as attractive as the smartwatch clock. And the edges of the screen to act as a dial.

The Wireless charging also must solve a problem that we saw in the Samsung Gear Live: he uses a small proprietary base that is hard to connect the smartwatch clock. The LG G Watchcarries wireless battery, a small base that is easy to miss.

Ah, the Bike 360 definitely has a heart rate sensor too. When did hands-on it, Motorola would not comment on the presence or absence of a heart rate sensor. But the pictures show that it is present on the clock; He also brings IP67 water and dust resistance.

In tests of Mister Gadget, 360 Motorcycle battery lasted two and a half days, against only one day in G Watch. No big deal, but it’s better. He also praises the readability of the screen under strong light, and color equalization “higher than the products of Samsung and LG”.

As for features, the site makes one caveat: Android Wear works basically the same way as in LED smartwatches, but the round screen requires that the apps are designed specifically for this format. The app Wear Mini Launcher, for example, does not work on Bike 360.

The Mister Gadget has 25 Bike 360 photos, which you can see here. The site still does not know when the clock will be released, or what will be the price. Run, Motorola! [Mister Gadget via Engadget]