Atari Is The Following Signature Mythical to Be Reborn under The Wings of Android… with a Clock to ‘Gamers’

If you are too young or you have been away from the dawn of the digital world will surely not know to Atari Inc., one of the producers of independent video game in the United States and one of the most mythical of the videogame world.

Their minds were classic games such as Breakout, Pong, Space Invaders, Pac-Man or even the famous Donkey Kong developed with Nintendo, and although it seems impossible that a company like Atari could have problems, the truth is that he has had them and very fat. Declared bankrupt in 2013, Atari is now dedicated to sell and license their games on mobile platforms, and last year they announced with fanfare his arrival as manufacturers in the world of the Internet of things.

No news at the moment on this last, the truth is that Atari continues looking for the way to re-join the modern consumer electronics industry, and What better way to do this under the umbrella of an Android ecosystem and mobile devices in general, which already have been reborn and/or become Giants to other brands of mythical like Nokia, Motorola or Sony and homebuilders as SNK, Square Enix, Gameloft etc.

Android is a good place to grow

It is no accident that mobile platforms have absorbed almost all sales of electronic devices, not in vain, take our gadgets is something to which we have become accustomed very easily, and already almost nobody understands his life without a smartphone in your Pocket.

It is a matter of evolution, because electronics has always tended to the miniaturization and today the Internet of things and wearable devices advance field to connect to the network any pileup. Surprise already see personal computers with complete connectivity in glasses or in our watches, and here is where Atari has seen business opportunities.

In addition, and if mobile devices are a good place to look for the rebirth of a legendary brand, the truth is that the Android platform is probably the best site between mobile devices, because it’s an open operating system, with possibilities of rapid adaptation any type of gadget with a relatively simple development and, as if this wasn’t enough, its implementation is free.

We’ve seen Android running any devices, from smartphones to televisions, multimedia systems for cars, devices, wearables, etc. Google’s mobile operating system has grown almost without limits, and has the largest shares of the market as well as with one of the ecosystems of broader content and applications market, Google Play.

So Gameband Atari Edition

Surely not anyone expected this movement but in Atari have thought of an accessory for gamers and bulb has illuminated them with the still unexplored possibilities of a smartwatch. Thus, associated with Gameband, Atari has at hand a smart watch with Android focused on the world of videogames.

Could not be less, so the clock will have from birth of up to 20 the prolific catalog of Atari classic games, and it has developed with the support of a Global Matter study that already has experience in the field after working with Samsung, Google or Logitech, for example.

The device will be called Gameband Atari Edition, and given the difficulty of getting financing has been launched through a campaign of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where we can buy it from $149 contribution of early bird.

Gameband is also a clock to use as any Android Wear, with its total connectivity with your smartphone and its attachment to receive notifications and interact with our phone functions. Features SoC-2100 Qualcomm Snapdragon, touchscreen of 1.63 inch and a slot microSD up to 256 GB to install new games, take music, photos or videos.

No lack of WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, common sensors – luminosity, gyroscope and accelerometer – as well as a port USB c-type to load your 400 mAh battery.

The part software will come powered by a modified version of Android 6.0.1 specific for this clock, which counts with the possibility of using PixelFurnace, an application that will allow us to play from a computer connected to the clock and has a large catalog of classic games.

A smart watch focused on the world of videogames?

And who said no? Smart Watches market has never finished to be well defined, and is that the needs of the users of smartwatches are not too clear. Yesterday, Google and LG had Android Wear 2.0 with the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport, and in the two new watches from the Android Wear catalog we could see the paradox.

It’s two very different devices, one destined to those who seek fashion and style on a clock with connectivity, understood as an accessory of the smartphone, and the other aimed at monitoring sporting activities with a more independent conception.

In a immature market with as disparate ideas, There are already plenty of more or less smart watches that would fit all of them almost in the category of devices “of niche”, because each one focuses on offer specific features aimed at a specific audience, where are also gaining sportier designs aimed to quantify our activity.

Why not then think a watch for gamers? Because it is not a far-fetched idea, a smartwatch allowing to play normally simple, classic titles, but also serve as an accessory for other game platforms is an idea little explored until the date.

We will see the market reception, so far the funding campaign is going very well, so it will be waiting to see if Atari can boast of this Gameband or it will go to the drawer of forgotten devices.

If you want one you’ll have to go to the Kickstarter platform and contribute to the project with the 149 dollars mentioned, expect the requested $75,000 – to achieve something that is already very close to happen – and wait patiently the arrival of the device next month of September.