Asus ZenWatch Watch Face

Asus has organized a competition to find the best 6 designs and wear them permanently in their ZenWatch

It seems that the design competitions is a practice that has become popular among technology companies, especially those that launch a new smartwatch market. As it did Motorola at the time with the Moto 360, Asus has just announced that seeks the best 6 designs watchface to look in your ZenWatch permanently, for it has organized a contest that will end on February 10 with the election of the winners.

Asus ZenWatch Watch Face

The Asus ZenWatch is one of the smartwatch with Android Wear good value for money we can find right now, it does not offer a really remarkable design beside which aspires to become the majority operating system in the category of smartwatch, and all for less than 200 euros. Now, the company seeks to strengthen the design of your device with new watchfaces.

If you are a designer and you want to encourage you to participate in the competition, Asus us makes it very easy through its new portal. Only we raise our design following the guidelines and indications that the company shows the page that you just link. In addition, to encourage participation, Asus awarded six different prizes at the rate of 6 categories of different watchfaces: Gold Metal, Best in Beauty, Best in Creativity, Best Practical Design, Best Student Design and the last to be chosen who receives more votes from users.

Of course, the first 5 categories will be evaluated and voted by judges Asus Design Center, the design team of the company that will make sure to choose those that best fits your product and represents the values of the brand. Are you urge to participate? Well keep reading because there prize.

Asus deliver 6 watches ZenWatch the winners of the six categories at stake

How could it be otherwise, the designers who win the contest a brand new Asus ZenWatch will be completely free, something that is particularly valuable at this time due to the great difficulty to gain retro smartwatch. If you want to know the features of this device, here you link up to our analysis we made some time ago.

As reported from Wearable, it is a great initiative to promote one aspect that increasingly begins to be given more importance: design. If you want to vote for your favorite designs you can also do it from the page of Asus.