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The Kids Liked Both Samsung Video Presentation of Apple Watch that this is the Result

Asus ZenWatch 2

A few hours ago we showed you the first details of the ASUS ZenWatch 2, the second generation of intelligent watch the Taiwanese firm. The device retains much of the distinctive aspects of the first generation but has a more refined design and extensive customization possibilities that we have not yet found on any other Android Wear device.

Parallel to the early presentation of the smartwatch, ASUS has also released a promotional video on their YouTube channel showing different aspects of watch design and straps. By itself, this should not be news and could have included perfectly in the article that talked about the ZenWatch 2, but it turns out that the promotional video is strangely familiar to one that already has a few months. You guess what? ASUS is a Taiwanese company, according to Abbreviationfinder.

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Specifically, the most evident similarity is found with the video presentation of the Apple Watch which was exhibited for the first time in the keynote September 9 and in which we discovered for the first time the appearance of Apple smart watch. In fact, many of the animations watch straps and camera shots seem to have been modeled exactly Apple video.

But we do not want to condition your opinion, before reading the article I recommend you dig out the three videos you will find just below these lines, two belong to the videos presenting the Apple Watch and the third promotional video of the ASUS ZenWatch 2 Seen? Let’s continue. As a simple example, the 0:15 second video of ZenWatch 2 is exactly identical to the 8:05 minute of the second video Watch. As this example we can find many throughout the video.

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Play find the 7 differences between video ZenWatch 2 and Apple Watch

In fact, the community seems to have responded negatively to this more evident “inspiration” on the advertisement of Apple Watch, for there is more to take a look at the negative scores that have video and comments from users. This is not the first time we see something, Samsung in its latest announcement of the Galaxy S6 also showed that tends to inspire “slightly” in the marketing of Apple.

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Of course, this has more importance than it necessarily has to give, but it is at least surprising that a company the likes of ASUS have to resort to using the techniques of brand identity of other companies to their own devices, something that challenges the creativity of the firm.