Archos Android Smartphone Reviews

At CES the French electronics manufacturer of Archos 2016 presents two new smartphone product lines in Las Vegas with his power – and cobalt series. First the 50 cobalt and the 55 come up cobalt + in April as well as the 40-50 power in may 2016 the market. All four models have strong stamina battery.

Archos Android Smartphone Reviews

Archos shows 2016 two brand new ranges of smartphone at CES. The power and the cobalt series are new. Previously launched products include power, the power 50, the 50 cobalt and the 55 cobalt + the ARCHOS 40. All units are delivered with Android 5.1 lollipop. The 4-inch ARCHOS 40 is a 3 G Smartphone with quad-core power processor and 8 GB internal memory. The amount of RAM is 512 MB. For its compact size, it offers the amazing two days battery life on the basis of a 1900 mAh powerful battery according to the manufacturer. Raises the front camera with 2 MP, on the back of the camera with 5 MP. In addition, it has an LED flash.

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The LTE / 4 G Smartphone ARCHOS power 50 has about a 5-inch IPS HD display, a quad-core processor and combined with 2GB internal memory 16 GB memory. With its 13 MP main camera shoots the Smartphone sharp photos, its 4000 mAh powerful battery ensures sustained operation.

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Front and back cobalt 1 Color are held at the new 4 G / LTE smartphones the cobalt product line. ARCHOS offers the user the choice between the colors of cobalt blue or dark grey. The cobalt smartphones are equipped with high resolution IPS HD displays and high-performance quad-core processors. The ARCHOS has 1 GByte of RAM and 8 GB internal memory can be expanded via microSD card to 64 GByte 50 cobalt with 5 inches display size. The main camera of 50 cobalt resolves MP 8.

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The 55 cobalt + 5.5 inches large display combined with 2 GB internal memory 16 GB memory and can be also extended via microSD card to 64 GByte. With its 13 MP camera, the ARCHOS 55 makes cobalt after the manufacturer’s very good photos. The lithium ion battery has a capacity of 2,700mAh.