Apple Watch: We Expect That the Keynote on Monday

The Apple Watch in the Center is the keynote on Monday. After the short performance at the iPhone 6 keynote, as well as the after leaked info bites Tim Cook must reveal now all important to the Smartwatch – and even more. An overview.

On Monday, March 9, 2015, Apple invites Buena Center under the motto ‘Spring forward’ to a keynote in the Yerba to San Francisco. CURVED ticket with, of course, if event will start at 6: 00 German time. Without a doubt, the Apple Watch will be the main theme of the event. But the only one? I don’t think so.

Price and availability

We already know that the basic version of the Apple Watch will cost €349. Tim Cook told end of February also during his visit in Germany, the Smartwatch in April in this country comes in Apple stores. He did not give an exact date so far.

As only the starting price is known, the annual yarn for the Apple Watch sports and especially the Apple Watch Edition, with housing that consists of real gold, more and more high rise. Still the talk of up to $5,000, was in the first guesses the rumors have reached the 10,000 dollars limit. Tim Cook comes around on Monday so not drum, to tell us the individual models of Apple Watch are how much.

Apps, apps, apps

In addition to the hard facts – prices and sales data – Tim Cook and his team will demonstrate many application scenarios and matching apps for the Apple Watch us on Monday. In addition to the outer values, the Smartwatch is also important that potential buyers know what they all can do with the clock for success.

Cook himself has promised already very many apps to the first day of the sale, and the developers of large companies such as BMW or Facebook’s were allowed to try out their applications at Apple headquarters already, for they also properly to start.

Bracelets and accessories

The Apple Watch is to be not only a tech gadget, but also a fashion accessory. Therefore, we want to see also on Monday along with the hard facts and demo sessions how trendy is the Apple Watch. That, that Tim Cook will call not only some equipment manufacturers, of which some of the fashion industry coming, but their products means bracelets for the clock will show also included. After the Smartwatch appeared on several magazine covers, even a small fashion show would not really surprise me on Monday.

iOS 8.2

For the Apple Watch smoothly makes contact with the iPhone, must be updated iOS. That’s why Tim Cook will us the final version of iOS on Monday present 8.2, which should be finished. In addition to bug fixes, the update includes new features for Apple health and the companion app with which it establishes the Smartwatch from your iPhone. It is however not sure whether the download is already released during the keynote.

A new MacBook

In addition to the detailed presentation of the Apple Watch, also has room for news about MacBooks could be at the keynote. A little update for the existing versions of the MacBook Air, as well as the idea of a completely new, even smaller MacBook Air with twelve inch retina display are equally conceivable. The rumored new laptops from Cupertino to come between April and June. There, a presentation would be not so unlikely in March.

No great iPad, no Apple TV and no streaming service

Particularly high hopes on the idea of a big iPad Pro, a new generation of Apple TV, or we make the iTunes streaming service currently does not. Currently, all rumors suggest that Apple presented the 12.9-inch iPad Pro at the earliest in the fall.

An update is long overdue for Apple TV. The set-top box is not the most important project at Apple successfully, but as eternal “hobby”. There is currently no evidence that is to be expected on Monday with news from this area.

The same applies after the acquisition of the headphone manufacturer the iTunes streaming service, beats and the beats music related acquisition of the streaming service is only a matter of time. Currently, the idea for the beginning of the summer is expected so that the developers Conference WWDC in early June would be the appropriate time for an announcement.

CURVED reported live from the keynote address on Monday evening from 18: 00 and keeps you up to date with all important information about the Apple Watch