Apple Watch Problems, One Year Later

I bought the Apple Watch a year ago. I stopped using it for two months, and may never use again: he doesn’t do much really necessary, and when it does, it doesn’t always work as it should.

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I wanted to buy the Apple Watch because I was excited to try something new, not just a newer generation of a gadget I bought years before. If I used an Android smartphone, I’d have bought a clock with Android Wear at launch; as to compatibility with iPhones came later, I went with the Apple.

And that was really frustrating. Here are some things I’ve learned over the last year (about two months) with this little computer on my wrist.

Interaction Issues

First of all, I still don’t know exactly what the buttons do. This is ridiculous (and probably very stupid on my part) because, well, there are just two buttons – the digital Crown and the side button.

Most of the time, press the digital Crown acts as the home button, taking you to the watch face. But sometimes she acts as a back button (as when you are in the contacts screen Favorites). And it gets more confusing, because you can scroll a list with the Crown, but you never can select items-you need to tap the screen.

You end up discovering most of these things over time, but these small inconsistencies make the experience more frustrating. With the Apple Watch, I get lost even trying to recreate the steps of something I’ve done before. Mostly, it just makes me give up. The Watch has a solid design, but is not intuitive.

Problems Of Ergonomics

Even if you manage to somehow figure out how to do something on the clock, there is no comfortable way to use it.

As the screen of the Watch has a small size, and how it is attached to your wrist, you’re always trying to awkwardly make things work by adjusting your fingers in a lot of ways, and none of them ever seems ideal.

Sometimes, I put my thumb in the lower left corner of the clock to stabilize it and then use the left side of my index finger to rotate and press the Crown. Other times, I just use the tip of my finger to rotate the Crown. Using just the thumb, that works, too. I look like a fool wearing the fitness tracker in Medicinelearners, and I still need to keep changing position constantly.

Problems In Apps

And if you figure out how to use the Watch, and find a comfortable way to use it? Still, there is little useful thing to do it instead of the iPhone. Most Watch apps end up being a simplified version of the app for iPhone, instead of something really new.

There are few things I like on the clock. When I complete objectives in the app that came with my physical activity, I feel good. Change the bracelets is very, very easy.

I used the watch to identify songs with the Shazam (twice, but still). And a “complication” (widget on the watch display) shows the time of Sunrise just when I look at the Watch – this type of additional information at a glance is cool.

View text messages on the wrist is good enough, but answering them is impractical. He has some canned responses that you can pre-program, however it is simply easier to draw the phone and use it to answer.

The Apple Pay on the clock is slightly more convenient than on the iPhone. The downside is that activate the Apple Pay requires you to add an access code on the Watch for security purposes. This becomes quickly boring, because biometric sensors at the bottom of the clock-you should remember me after inserting the code – always lose contact with my wrist, causing the security system think I took the watch off his wrist. Namely, I need to enter my password several times a day to use it.

There’s not much fun about wearing the watch, not even the most basic thing: know the time. The problem is that the screen doesn’t always turn on when you raise the pulse, then you’re rotating the wrist in the hope that this turn on the screen.

And even if there were cool things to do with the clock and they really worked, the components of the Watch are not good enough even to mediocre tasks which he should do well.

Information as the weather is not bad, but the clock is slow and shows a rotating indicator that is loading. You don’t know if it will load in a reasonable amount of time, or if you’re going to be spinning forever. Everything is terribly slow, about to make me give up to use — it’s easier to just pull the iPhone out of your pocket.

For example, it takes more than 15 seconds to load the Twitter on my watch. Takes less than 5 seconds for me to get the iPhone out of your pocket and open the app. Oh, and version for the Watch is useless, because it only has space to show one tweet at a time.

Charging the battery the clock every night isn’t the worst thing in the world (the magnetic base for this is great), until you wake up somewhere without a charger for Apple Watch, and the clock runs out of work the next day.

And The Biggest Problem

What exactly is the benefit of Apple Watch? Get vibrating text messages on my wrist? View some photos on Instagram? There is nothing he makes it easier on my life. No human being in his right mind will ever want to use Siri on the clock instead of the phone. Is it possible to share drawings and heartbeats with other users of the Watch, but I did it three times and never-is a fun trick, but it’s useless.

Use the Apple Watch for almost a year taught me the opposite of what Apple probably foresaw: to receive notifications constantly on the wrist, I realized that no notification is really worth. To feel every SMS, email and everything else, I saw how most of them were useless.

I usually say playing to wear a wristwatch is haircut at the time. Well, use a Apple Watch – or any smartwatch clock, in fact-is whether the notifications also cuff.

So I took the Apple Watch and don’t know when I’m going to put it back together. The clock is worth it, and I don’t know if it’s even possible to do a smartwatch clock that would be necessary for me, or for a general public. The more ambitious is the smartwatch clock, the more complicated it will be to use.

I say to each person that asked me about my Apple Watch that as it stands now, he’s not worth the money or the effort. In the future, he can improve on hardware and software, or even if simplify your goals, but a year with it showed me that it will take a long time.