Apple Watch Is Tested But Not Thrilled Critics

With the proximity of the launch of the Apple Watch, the first gadget reviews were published. He still will not replace the use of the iPhone throughout the day

São Paulo – the Apple Watch, the smart watch of Apple, will be released on April 24 — not in Brazil, here there is no date yet. On Friday, however, begin the timetables so that consumers see the watch in person and choose which model they wish to buy.

With the proximity of this date, foreign sites and newspapers began publishing their opinions about the new gadget from Apple. The first reactions were mixed.Some texts claim that the watch is a hit and others remain unconvinced. See below the impressions divided by topics.

Your phone will stay in your Pocket?

One of the central issues with the Smart Watches is if they can replace vintage watches reviewed on Not in the sense of no longer exists a smartphone, but not to be I need to get it out of your Pocket throughout the day.

According to the first reviews on the Apple Watch, the clock still does not replace the iPhone throughout the day. The text published in the New York Times States that the watch helped keep the phone in your pocket. “My wife told me that I seemed to be spending less time on my phone lately. She thought it was a blessing, “Farhad Manjoo.

Of course the Apple Watch doesn’t work as a substitute at all times. Reading long texts (such as emails) is damaged there, as well as replying to emails. A fact noted by The Verge website is that the apps from developers who don’t Apple do not work well.

Exchange messages by the clock is possible by the iMessage. If the user want to use others like WhatsApp or Hangouts (from Google), it’s still impossible and you must resort to the smartphone. This is repeated with several apps that often even open on the clock.

Learning curve

Use the Apple Watch is not easy. It takes a few days to understand how to perform all tasks. Different movements generate various responses. He still has a force-sensing technology for touch – which also imply different responses of the Watch depending on how the user touching the screen. In addition, he has side buttons, one of which is also a small wheel.

No text talk about taking the Watch and out going through with ease. Some talk about two days and up to three until the user get used and be able to use the clock functions with ease. The fact seems to counter Apple’s maximum simplicity and ease for the user.

Is fashion?

“Apple Watch search be highly fashion, but still looks like a technological watch,” writes the Recode. Even so, the site States that it is the most beautiful intelligent market watch.

Personally, I think the Apple Watch a little guy with a strange format. The round models, as the Bike 360, Motorola, and G Watch R, round model from LG, attract me more.