Apple Watch: Everything You Need To Know

After years of rumors, Apple Unveils officially your smart wristwatch: the Apple Watch.Here’s what you need to know about him.

Design And Screen

The watch features a square screen-not circular, as in the beautiful Bike 360-and rounded edges. The screen is made of Sapphire Crystal, sturdy material used in expensive watches and scratch resistant.

The screen feels the pressure difference between a touch and another, and this allows it to interact with the interface differently. For example, a light touch activates a button, while a touch stronger opens the application menu.

The elements of the interface are circular. You navigate through them using the touchscreen, or the side button. This rotary knob allows for give and take zoom into a map, or scroll through a list. Press the button and you go back to the home screen.

You can also interact with the clock through voice: just dictate messages to answer e-mails, for example.

And there is also a strange feature: pressing the bottom button, you choose between your contacts to send messages designed for them. Yes: touch the face, draw something with your finger on the screen, and send. You can also send your heartbeat rate, for some reason.


The Apple Watch requires an iPhone: that is, it will not be interesting if you are into another ecosystem. It is compatible with iPhone, iPhone 6 Plus 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 5 c and iPhone 5S.

He replicates some of the apps on the iPhone: it displays the pictures you took with the device, Apple’s maps with turn-by-turn directions. It vibrates differently if you have to turn right or left, so you don’t have to look at the directions on your wrist.

Apple Watch initially will receive only notifications of third-party apps, but developers can adapt them to the clock using the WatchKit. With it, you will be able to interact with notifications, or get detailed information of your next flight.

In addition, the Touchscreen smartwatch has “glances”, which are basically widgets: slide from the bottom edge, and you can access your calendar, music player, among other actions.

The clock makes a subtle vibration on the wrist when it receives notifications. To raise the pulse, the screen comes on automatically, and you can perform actions-how to respond to an SMS or reject a call. On the clock, you can respond to messages with an animated emoji:

Siri is built into the Apple Watch, so she can get the same information as on the iPhone, like movie schedules. The clock can also be used as a walkie talkie – with other owners of Apple Watch – and also as a viewfinder for the camera.

Oh yes, and you can customize the watch face. There is no shortage of options:

Health And Physical Activity

It is not just a device to receive notifications: it tracks your health and physical activity. On the back, there are three LEDs – visible light and infrared-to measure your heart rate. It also features an accelerometer, but uses the GPS in your iPhone.

There are two apps to use these sensors. The Activity monitors their movements throughout the day, measuring the time in which you’re sitting, standing and active. It shows that in a series of three rings, and encourages you to move more:

Meanwhile, the Workout keeps track of calories burned, exercise duration and distance travelled in physical exercises. Apps bring goals, notifications, and synchronize it with the app iOS Health 8.


The internal components – that Apple did not reveal in detail – are on a single circuit board coated to protect against liquids.

The battery is charged by induction through a magnetic MagSafe connector that attaches magnetically to the back of the watch. Apple didn’t say anything about length of battery, but Tim Cook says you can use it “all day”.

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes, with three finishes: aluminium, aluminum reinforced (60% more resistant) and 18 carat gold. You can switch between six bracelets from Apple concerning the watch in a specific fitting:

There are options of plastic, leather and stainless steel, and there are bracelets that close with a belt buckle, while other close with a button.

Availability And Price

The Apple Watch will cost $349 when it is released in early 2015. It’s much more expensive than the current smartwatches, whose most cost between $200 and $300.

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