Apple Watch: Demand Is to Be Increased Considerably Since March

Is the Apple Watch the Yankees or not? Current reports have either one or the other position. Because the Smartwatch is not long on the market, and the analyses use various data as a basis, the picture remains hazy.

So Stanley analyst Katy Huberty has corrected for example the Morgan recently its forecast upwards: according to this, about 36 million units would be sold in the first 12 months after the release of Apple Watch, reports CNET. Before Huberty had assumed only by about 30 million units, and has now increased its estimate by 20 percent.

Different time periods, different bases

A survey in which only those respondents scored, that specified “definitely” want to buy a Apple Watch served as a basis for their forecast. According to, the demand will be increased by 60 percent since March. Especially, since April the clock is actually delivered, sales by Apple are greatly increased. According to their estimates, Apple could sell within the first year up to 50 million Smartwatches – if the company soon got the production difficulties in the handle.

A different picture designs according to the quartz company report slice intelligence: thus, sales had fallen sharply since mid-April. Until 18 may Apple would have accepted therefore around 2.5 million orders for the Apple Watch in the United States, of which about half on April 10 were made. Since then the number of new orders at about 30,000 a day would have settled. To reach 36 million units sold in the first year, Apple would need approximately 100,000 orders per day.

Many sales only after “real” release

The renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo fails in a similar hack: estimates Apple would until September 2015, only 15 million of the wearables drop off. Will probably then reached a new high when customers actually can purchase the Apple Watch in June at the Apple store, after they saw the device.

Until the first year of sales is over, are to remain pure estimates – and probably also then, as Apple itself has said that no exact sales figures call all analyses of the market.