Apple: the Thinking Behind iOS 7

IOS 7 has been redesigned in a big way. You can read a bit about Apple’s own thoughts, which is behind the new design.

We have never designed anything to it “just” had to look nice out. How to write Apple on their website about it just presented iOS 7.

The meaning of iOS 7 nor is it “just” need to look good-the aim was to re-imagine the entire operating system, and have created something which was simpler, more useful and more enjoyable-but built out from the things users love about iOS.

And as the way it works on was changed, so had the US also to redesign its look.

Apple writes on their website, that they not only adds new features, because they can and is technically feasible. They add features, when they can be useful – which is also the new Control Center in iOS 7 is an example of.

Simplicity is often complicated

Simplicity is often equated with minimalism, but simplicity is much more than a lack of “root” and decorations.

Simplicity is about to offer the right things at the right place – when you need them. In short, it is all simplicity that make working at the complex.

-“When something is designed to work perfectly, so it also tends to look like this,” is the message from Apple.

You can read more about Apple’s thoughts behind iOS 7 here.