Apple Offers Official Accessories for iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

By their presentation two days ago, Apple had a little surprise for all the people who waited to see their new smartpone-models. They revealed the covers for the new flagship smartphones, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, along with Lightning-dock.

iPhone Accessory

iPhone 5C cover


iPhone 5C cover from Apple

iPhone 5 will have its own colorful silicone cover with small round apertures on the back. In this way, your phone’s color is not hidden completely and you can make lots of color combinations. The soft silicone cover has microfiber material on the inside and is available in several colors, which works to match the new iPhone 5C’s appearance: red, yellow, green, blue, black and white. So you can choose a cover, in the same color as your iPhone 5C or you can combine it with a different colored cover and mix them!

iPhone 5S cover


Apple’s iPhone 5S cover

Future iPhone 5S sellers get the choice between six different covers, but because the iPhone 5S has several new features, it deserves more than just a silicone cover, so Apple decided to use a more sophisticated material – leather. iPhone 5S cover is made to fit perfectly to the new smartphone from Apple, with accurate openings to buttons, ports, and the camera lens.

Because the iPhone has the same goals as 5S iPhone 5, iPhone 5, you can also use the cover for it. But you need to think about a little extra detail – the new fingerprint reader! This Touch ID sensor is built into the home button, and make the user can lock their phone with their fingerprints. This sensor is very sensitive, so you must be very careful when you choose the cover for your iPhone 5S that it doesn’t bother the home button. Therefore should model-specific covers for iPhone 5S be your first choice!

Apple iPhone dock with Lightning

Apple Lightning-dock



Apple has also launched accessories for iPhone 5S and 5C, together with the special covers. A new Apple iPhone dock with Lightning connection for both smartphone models. With this docking station allows you to charge and sync your new iPhone. Both versions of the Apple iPhone Dock has a 3.5 mm audio jack and can be purchased when the phone is put for sale. iPhone 5S dock can also be used with the iPhone 5.