Apple Asked Facebook To Apple Watch Lab

Apple called developers from companies like Facebook and BMW to develop applications for Apple Watch in your lab

The Apple called developers of large companies like Facebook, BMW and United Airlines to develop applications for Apple Watch in your lab in Cupertino, California.

According to Bloomberg, the idea is to accelerate the process of development of apps, so that they are presented in the official launch of the smartwatch clock, during an event next Monday (9), in San Francisco.

The invitation, however, comes with a number of requirements related to confidentiality of the project.

Apple does not allow any external material brought to its laboratories.

The rule is worth since electronic devices like cameras and smartphones to simple objects such as pen and paper.

Even the programming codes that developers lead to Apple headquarters in Cupertino must remain in a hard drive stored in Apple Watch lab.

The intention is to prevent leaks of information about the specifications and features of the product.

The smart clock must be officially presented, with information about price, launch applications, next Monday.

1. All on your wrist

Sao Paulo-the Apple Watch is coming. Apple, of course, has already presented the new device-but he is not yet available to the public. The company announced that sales will begin in the spring (americana). May not pass. Some people in the middle that in February he will be in stores. In any case, the initial price, USA, will be $349. Even not on sale, we know a lot about the Apple Watch and your ability to interact with various aspects of daily life. In fact, the race to announce the device has started. See, in the Gallery of pictures, all you can do with the smart clock.

2.1. Tell the time

Yes, let’s not forget that Apple Watch is a watch. There will be a show function on the screen the hours, with several design options: pointers, digital display etc

3.2. Measure the heartbeat

Four sensors on the back of the clock, which will be against the skin, can measure your heart rate and your heartbeat. With this, there will be applications for the sport and to physical conditioning.

4.3. Take care of health

Measuring the pulse and counting your steps, the clock can control how far you walked and even issue alerts when you spend a lot of time sitting.

5.4. Manage your contacts

You can access your Rolodex, synchronized with your Garmin Foreruner (see

6.5. Make and receive calls

You also will be able to receive phone calls from your cell phone without taking it out of your pocket. Be able to control everything about the watch.

7.6. Use maps and GPS

You will be able to access maps in Appel Watch and clock will serve as a GPS. It can, for example, vibrate or issue an alert when you have to enter in a particular street. So you don’t take your eye off the road and maintains a safe direction.

8.7. Make payments

You can make payments using the clock, as well as the methods already exist to pay using your smartphone.

9.8. Send and receive messages

As soon as I get a message on your smartphone, you can check it quickly on the wrist.

10.9. Use applications

The applications that we already know, like Facebook, develop their versions to the clock. You will receive notifications and practical messages, if desired.

11.10. Use new applications

But companies have already started to develop applications specific to the clock.For example, BMW: is creating an app that will make you turn on your car directly from the device.

12.11. Use the voice command

Siri will be present in Apple Watch too. With a simple voice command, you can search for streets, contacts, cinemas, restaurants, weather …

13.12. Receive information

The Apple Watch is intended to help in the day-to-day details. For example: with an app from an airline, it will remember your flight time automatically.

14.13. Customize your appearance

The watch is an accessory to create a visual too. Apple will provide different cops, for the user to change the appearance of the watch when you want, depending on taste and occasion. Other companies should create customizable strips too.

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