Apple and Our Site Have Stolen the Radio

A radio man accuses Apple and our site in order to steal the radio. He calls for legal action.

Radio is not a stream of music which listeners even put together. It believes James radio Futurist James Cridland, who goes at the right with the many Jukebox-based services that use the word “radio” to describe their service.

Apple uses “radio” in the name of iTunes Radio and our site also has a product called Radio, referred to as “Artist radio based on …”.

James Cridland believes there is just as little radio over these services, as there is in the play list on an iPod.

-“Calling a jukebox for the ‘radio’ is to do a disservice to the radio. We will experience a generation of listeners who believe that radio is a single Jukebox service without soul, “believes radio man according to our site.

He calls on the industry to come together and insist that Apple removes the word “radio” from the services.

Gyldendals reference book Den Store Danske describes ‘radio’ in the following way: “mass media that analogue (via radio waves) or digital (via air, cables, satellites, internet, telephony etc.) transmits audio signals from a radio station to a radio receiver, see also radio communications”.