Android Pay and The Payments with The Mobile Phone, Are in The Fragmentation The Key of Your Not DT?

The physical money has its days numbered. The Nordic countries know this and there are already definitely leave tickets in favor of electronic payment, either through credit cards, pay online or with our mobile phone platforms.

Is a question of time that all end up doing that way, and the truth is that with your smartphone payments are part of that future although at present does not finish boot of the whole. Long talk about it, but the arrival in Spain of Apple Pay has re-opened the debate and the wounds of a technology that we should welcome naturally in our day to day.

Payments with the smartphone still arouse much suspicion among the users, and that is something that may be due to the perception of security while really the process is identical to using any ‘contactless’ credit card

Many are probably thinking now that this will be an article to evangelize the skeptics in this pay phone, nothing is further from reality, and although I use the payment via mobile phone with my Galaxy S7 edge and the application of ING Direct almost every day, I am aware of the fears aroused by the payment with the smarpthone for your ease of use.

We could say the perception of security the user is null and void, although it is actually exactly the same procedure to pay with a credit card or debit any contactless: bring the smartphone, please PIN if the payment is greater than 20 euros and ready.

The biometric security to the rescue

Today, it is easy to realize that almost any terminal of the last batches available from a fingerprint reader that provides biometric identification. This sensor serves, among other things, to unlock the device and/or identify themselves at the multitude of online services such as e-mail, Play Store, banking applications, etc..

Trying to avoid the suspicion of users, surely use the fingerprint reader to authenticate via mobile payment systems is it more appropriate, and to that end Android Pay and other services have become compatible with biometric security.

However, a couple of years sensors fingerprint and IRIS are among us, and payment via mobile is still taking off at all. Reasons there will be many, but we have a suspect platform users familiar with Android.

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Fragmentation, fragmentation someone said? Prize! We do not know if you know all the options market – still there is more – to pay with your smartphone, but this being a market so juicy and so young, where move also so much money, It seems that all manufacturers want a piece of the pie for them.

It is permissible, obviously, but many mobile payment services different are probably struggling with the need to standardize a technology that, first of all, it should be universal and simple to achieve that democratization that makes it accessible to the general public.

In fact, we see that Apple Pay premieres with Banco Santander, while Samsung Pay has compatibility with Caixabank, Abanca and Banco Sabadell. Android Pay for its part has not even come to our markets, while others such as ING Direct let you pay with your own application using NFC compatible devices.

An infinite number of different agreements and different services that make difficult the learning curve and universal compatibility of which we have spoken. In fact, for example, a customer of Banco Santander that does not have iPhone not can use moment mobile payment with cards.

Surely there are many more grounds, the first of such Google has not even dared with Android Pay in Spain, but When you want to standardize something you must make it easy. At the moment, payment via mobile in our country is only for a few, and I am afraid that this will cost to move it still a few more months.