Android Manager: We Forget Not Motorola

Samsung has a huge impact in the Android world, but Google does not forget Motorola and expect to Motorola X will turn things around.

A problematic aspect of Samsung’s clout in the Android world is that it pushes the competitors out.

In addition, Samsung is the only company in the world who consistently make black numbers on the bottom line by selling Android phones.

At a Conference tells Sundar Pichai, Director of both Android and Chrome Division at Google that they are not worried about the strength of the Samsung has on Android-it is a symbiotic relationship and goes on to say that both companies owe each other a lot.

We do not forget the Motorola

Just because Samsung has gotten much attention in the past, Google has not forgotten their Motorola Department who plan to launch their new flagship Motorola X in the autumn.

He was not nervous about the fact that Motorola has had big deficits, but explains that there be long-term and compares with YouTube as also was a black hole in the start, but which is now an integral part of Google online services.

Pichar predicts that the upcoming Motorola launch will push them out on a journey to success, that will end up making them profitable again.