Android, IOS, BlackBerry OS and Symbian: What Stands out on Apps?

Something that is becoming increasingly fashionable are the applications stores, each owner with his and racing the rest healthy or insane. Goes some better that others, only have to do a few facts to realize:

Now Android has almost 135,000 applications in its Market, of which the 42.3% (57,000 applications) It has a score of 5 stars out of 5, nothing wrong given that the percentage of free apps is 68%. Much has been made of why this platform is not profitable for developers, detail that we are not going to play here, but what is not debatable is that Android users are happy with the applications available.

Not to forget that you don’t have much Google released the Android Market in its desktop version, detail that will give you much more output applications encountered in this. Finally say that to publish an application on the Market we will have that pay $25 subscription as developer, almost symbolic, taking into account the market to which we go.

The iOS App Store we are with 314.000 applications, with an average vote of three stars for the same. A fact that much attention is that here is a contrast to the Android Market, 67% of applications from the App Store are extra, detail that makes this a very attractive place for developers, platform on back we find that you will have to pay $99 a year for the subscription to the store.

BlackBerry with your App World, makes a slightly more modest numbers, a 17,000 applications in the latest statistics, and although it seems that it is gradually gaining in quantity, I don’t think you go into this battle soon.

A point that surely will make the number of applications so small in the House of BlackBerry is the echo that developers have to pay $200 order to subscribe as such, data that don’t have to do very much to these.

The Nokia Ovi Store (store of the Symbian OS) However, win much at this point since it has, by putting something I guess, the subscription to 1 euro. This detail has made that today the Ovi Store has about 43,000 applications and a fairly rapid growth.

A fact that can give us an idea of how happy that are users of this store is that 90% of the traffic it becomes discharge and that 85% of the users are recurrent. Sure now that Nokia has sold to Microsoft these data fall enough, or even come to disappear.

In short, Apple is gaining, but Andoid him the heels with an exponential growth, we’ll see how it ends the saga, you that you expect to happen?.