Android Auto Confirmed for Eight Vehicles of Renault, Soon More

Today there are many new buyers of a vehicle, which they look “smart” capabilities as it could be to connect with Android Auto to use the voice “Ok Google” command while they are driving to your destination.

Own car manufacturers are to erre erre with their own systems, as they spend with custom layers of Android phones, but every time we see more interesting moves as the Renault, which has just announced that Android Auto is compatible with eight vehicles.

Eight vehicles Renault with Android Auto

Eight vehicles that they are already compatible with Android Auto they are as follows:

  • 2017 Espace
  • 2017 Kadjar
  • 2017 Megane
  • 2017 Megane Estate
  • 2017 Scenic
  • 2017 Grand Scénic
  • 2017 Talisman
  • 2017 Talisman Estate

Is from the own web Android Auto, in the category of Renault, where it is clarified that the system is available for vehicles purchased recently and it can be offered as a standard or optional feature. Also, availability may vary by geographical location and category of vehicle model.

But not only is it will be Android Auto in these cars, but the following they will have soon support:

  • 2017 capture
  • 2017 Clio
  • 2017 Clio Estate
  • 2017 Kangoo
  • 2017 Koleos
  • 2017 Master
  • 2017 Trafic
  • 2017 Twingo
  • 2017 Zoe

Let us hope that Renault be skillful and bring Android Auto to all categories models of vehicles that have “smart” skills. Right now, Renault sold two systems, the R-Link and the average Nav, at different prices that usually expensive price in the first, apart from the fact that it is not available for some models in particular.

Theirs would be that Android Auto was available for the two systems, so you will have to wait to see if the French manufacturer will incorporate Auto R-Link and average Nav, so that any user who will buy a new car of the brand with “smart” capabilities, can be perfectly paired your smartphone with your vehicle.