AirAttack HD: Become a Hero of War

A new ration of games for our Android. If yesterday Cosmos spoke to us of Flight Control, a title where our work was to ensure that the aircraft landed successfully today we will play a completely different work: shoot down them.

AirAttack HD It takes less than a week in the Android Market and is already one of the highest rated games. This is not surprising because the quality is not lacking. Let’s see a little more in detail what are the benefits of this title.

AirAttack HD It is a shoot ‘ em up of aviation the style of some classics like the 1942 from Capcom. Our goal in the game, as it is usual in the genre, is very simple: shoot down and destroy everything that gets in the way of our aircraft.

At a glance highlights his excellent presentation and the high quality of the graphics. Throughout the development of the game is based on a fairly robust 3D engine and with a good level of detail in the designs of ships and scenarios. In the screenshots that accompany this post, made with a Nexus One, you can see what is capable AirAttack HD.

One of its virtues are the controls, which adapt perfectly Mobile technical capabilities. Although the touch scheme that comes by default is quite comfortable we have three more if this does not convince us: we can use a kind of virtual stick, accelerometers or other alternative to the first system.

The development is quite varied and each screen is littered with multitude of enemies that as we are defeating get bonuses and objects to improve our aircraft.

However this is only the tip of the iceberg because AirAttack HD is in the Lite version, which is totally free. In the month of March we can enjoy more levels and weapons at a price to be confirmed.

We don’t know if developers decide to opt for cash, which does not seem unreasonable because a title is really good, or whether they will choose to do it free and insert advertising within the game following the example of titles like Angry Birds.

In any case, if you like the aviation arcade games and you have 10 mb available in the memory of your Android do not hesitate in give it a try. If it doesn’t convince you the proposal in the Android Market you have other alternatives such as for example Pacific Wings.