Acer Liquid Z630S

Acer updates its entry level Z630 with a version’s ‘ enhanced, revisited in optics hardware to deliver more compute capacity that he served and make a step forward in the category. Nothing changes in terms of aesthetics, dimensions are identical, just like weight, despite on board we have now an internal memory doubled and a decidedly more powerful processor.

I will not therefore to describe the design of this phablet, I will limit myself to a simple summary:

Design and materials

The only thing that changes compared to twin Liquid Z630 is the earbud and the metal profile for gold instead of silver, same thing if you look at the back cover (removable): the ring around the lens of the camera and the Acer logo reflect this coloration. A choice which is to emphasise the more premium Terminal, although it remains in an almost identical range.


HD resolution not shout to the scandal, partly because the color reproduction is good on this large 5.46 inches LCD, and also the brightness is sufficient. Screen buttons reduce slightly the diagonal of the area actually used, the Blacks are very shallow and tend to gray. We say that a year ago I would not have complained of such a Panel, partly because the definition of icons is good but at the same price are now device with full HD display, which on a 5.5 inch surely makes better. See Acer hard drive recovery tips on its official site.

I love the fact that the Panel gets dirty quickly, I had to clean it often during this period of use. Really good viewing angles.

Hardware and Performance

Good reception and connectivity, LTE, also in this case has not changed really nothing compared to its predecessor: recall that the smartphone is dual SIM, the compartment for the two micro-format is back, next to the slot for memory expansion via microSD. I would have liked to see a Wi-Fi module ac, okay we are talking about a midrange, but it is time that this become a standard and ensure a better signal stability, still good. Get the speed test with a network to 30 mega just loses something (doesn’t go beyond the 27 mega download), as opposed to a top range with WiFi ac who always manages to stay about 30 mega downlink; small details.

The real plus of this Z630 S lies in the CPU, an octa-core MediaTek MT6753 that expands the possibilities and is joined by ben 3 GB of RAM. Don’t expect miracles, the step forward is evident compared with the basic version but we’re still talking about a CPU 1.3 GHz clock and 28nm, no change for the GPU, to manage the Fund we always Mali T720

Web browsing is enough with Chrome, but you could do better: an opening quick pages I noticed some imprecision in touch controls during scrolling: If I want to stop and pigio on display there always puts a bit to stop. The double tap for scaling of the pages not functioning right, pinch-to-zoom in/out and pan should be slightly jerky.

Satisfying gaming experience, no slacking with Asphalt 8 which runs smoothly and with many details. In general I must say that this hardware platform goes pretty well, albeit reproduces all in HD, too bad I wasn’t able to play with more challenging titles like Snyper Fury and Modern Combat 5, both on your device but not able to boot, I have no idea why.

Good also the audio output, the speaker is placed at the back of the device, in the lower part of the back cover, but Acer has had the foresight to put a small tab that allows him to distance himself that fraction of a millimetre from the plane in which it lies and not hide so the sound: powerful and pleasant.


Curious choice to place an 8 Mp image sensor from the rear and a second with the same resolution in front. The quality of the shots is enough during the day, but the image sensor on top of the back cover (and its optics) are not particularly bright: If the verbose level is then acceptable, I prefer taking always into HDR on this Z630S, with good color reproduction, although moving the thing gets complicated.

Good macros, just haul the brightness but it gets more complicated and the rear camera reveals its real limits. More than good selfies, Acer’s choice pays off and the result is obvious, on this Z630S you are given much more weight to so-called indexed than normally.

Recording video in full HD with the rear camera is perhaps the biggest minus of this Terminal, the frame rate is low and there are many strains of the field of view for a result below average. Much better if we go to the front, the image sensor (again) from 8 Mp records better: movies more fluid, more true-to-life colour reproduction and great frame rates.


Customizing Acer of the interface is not that deep, and it is good. Android Lollipop 5.1 runs smoothly, is fluid and closely resembles the stock experience, a phrase that we repeat increasingly seen that manufacturers gradually converge more and more towards this direction.

The first time we find several proprietary applications like Acer Nav and Acer SnapNote, an App much like OfficeLens that allows to photograph documents and save only the portion that interests us with automatic recognition of the elements.


Redeeming factor of this Terminal is its autonomy, with a 4000 mAh battery you arrive safely at night with a good 20%, even in the days of greatest stress. Acer has exploited well space and low resolution definitely helps in this aspect. I’ve never tried the basic model and I cannot therefore make comparisons, but I assure you that arrive in red at night without overdoing it is next to impossible. Okay so.


Notably the choice of Acer in proposing a variation slightly more expensive that would give something more in terms of performance, the 3 GB of RAM and CPU octa-core work well and offer a pleasant use of the Terminal. Too bad for an uncertain and camera App that web browsing would be certainly improved with faster controls and perhaps a more minimal but effective. Compromises that fall in the range of entry-level/midrange within which this Acer Z630S in anthracite black Amazon just over € 200.