Ubisoft Announces New Assassin’s Creed Adventure

Ubisoft announced on his blog and on Twitter, there will be after no new Assassin’s Creed Adventure this year likely. In the past, the company year after year published a new adventure of the series.

It is not long ago that with Assassin’s creed syndicate on 23 October 2015 the newest and latest Assassin’s Creed Adventure on the market. But for the time being, according to a statement on Twitter and in the Group of own blog, this will remain the last adventure of the popular series. As 2016 a new game in the assassin will probably follow’s Creed Series. Rotating, a game was released last year.

Ubisoft based on this–that it is now some time wool to be to rethink the whole concept of the game series and to revise. It also often received feedback of fans from all over the world to play a role and have played. No Assassin Creed’s will go the year 2016 the rest not to end, because the theatrical release of the film with Michael Fassbender in the role of Callum Lynch is planned for the 21st December 2016. In Germany, the movie is to start at the 29.12.16. And instead of Assassin Creed’s could follow 2016 still watch dogs 2, at least, Ubisoft has made a release between April 2016 until end of March 2017 in Vista.