Stylish USB Hub

Problems of overheating and lack of USBs? A gadget kills two birds with one stone

This small HUB with four USB 2.0 ports was not only created to solve your connection problems but also to enable your laptop not reheat well. For that you may find it under the notebook and create a space where the coolers can do its job properly.

Connects android tablet via USB port, has a LED which will tell you if it works correctly, supports Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP, Linux 2.4, Mac OS 8.5 or newer versions, measures 99x40x40mm and weighs 50g.

USB Hub Pad comes in two different colors (white and black) and can be purchased through gadget4all for US$ 14.

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It Turns Your iPhone into a Reflex with 645Pro Camera

Mobile photography lovers have a vast array of applications that allow you to benefit from all the advantages that offers Apple terminal. All are committed to be the definitive implementation and the truth is that it is difficult to stay with an exclusive. 645Pro is an application that claim to go a step further with more precise controls that allow you to squeeze the sensor of the iPhone.

645Pro, user interface

Just the first thing that is going to draw attention-launching the application of the is its interface. Buttons, casters, and information display that maintains the aesthetics of a DSLR camera. From the interface we will control every aspect that allows the application.

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Where You are, is the Power Supply Overloaded? Then Write A SMS Better!

Do you know that? You are a giant event, want to call someone and don’t come through simply? Then an SMS, writes better than on major events such as the Oktoberfest, a mega concert or the ILO have the networks of the mobile operators to do much right, and are therefore often hopelessly overloaded. You should write therefore everywhere where the bear dances right, rather a SMS to his friends and family as to call them, advises the information centre mobile (IZMF).

The reason for this is that the amount of data in a text message is significantly smaller than the amount of data on a call. An SMS has therefore significantly better opportunities, to get through the blocked power supply to the receiver.

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iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus: Tips For Photographing

This iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have in terms of the quality of the camera once again a fun upped the ante. With new and updated features such as optical image stabilizer and new auto focus allow to shoot pictures which can enable even SLR owners in amazement. What’s new with iOS the camera app 8 offers, we have tell you already. Here, there are some tips that you can do even better from good images.

Observe The Basics Of Photography

One thing first: the subject is most important in a photo! It is bad, also the best Smartphone camera can change anything. Have noticed the perfect moment in mind, then the golden section in the form of the rule of thirds. Be careful so that the horizon isn’t exactly through the center of the image runs and the essential components of your subject in the corresponding proportions are arranged.

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This May the New Operating System iOS 7

The new operating system iOS7 is clear and simple. There’s no longer the clunky 3D icons, they are now much shallower and very colorful. The iOS7 has a “control center”: you can thus access to 26 different features – and enable the music, the alarm clock, that control light and the brightness, change the mode with the swipe of a finger, Bluetooth or mute his cell phone. Also new to the operating system iOS7: A pressure on the Central Home button no longer leads to the search, is now available and accessible from every page of program menus with a wipe from the top. Also the communication center has the operating system iOS7 new features: it displays also the events of the day in addition to missed calls and messages and is accessible from the lock screen. Something that will appeal to even the ladies: Siri does the operating system iOS7 with one male voice – and by the way is the language Assistant now also in a position to take control of the device.

With the iOS7 operating system, you can switch between the apps faster and easier. Simply by double clicking the home button go and you get a multitasking overview of all running applications. To exit the apps, they are simply wiped upwards. IOS operating system 7 pro app shows the mobile data usage. Safari has changed at the iOS7: you can see more of the content now, because the lower navigation bar automatically disappears.

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Sony QX1: Camera Module For Ios And Android In The Hands-On

After the two first works QX10 and QX100 Sony with the QX1 now brings the third variant of its shaft-mounted camera module for smartphones on the market. Thanks to an APS-C sensor and the ability for Sony E-mount system to use lenses, the Japanese electric giant wants to give a tool ambitious Smartphone photographers, revealing little chance opportunities. In our Hands-On video, you will get an insight into the functionality of the new SmartShot camera from Sony ever.

Less than a year ago, Sony surprised the Smartphone photographers among us with the two shaft-mounted cameras QX10 and QX100. Instead of just a lens, as Olloclip offered him for the iPhone 5 and 5s, the Sony QX products are stand-alone cameras with an own sensor and your own optics. The Smartphone can be connected via Wi-Fi with SmartShot cameras and then serves as the camera display and control unit.

The first generation QX series convinced already from the image quality. But due to their tightly fitted lenses, the QX10, as well as the QX100 weirded the Group of ambitious photographers. With the new model QX1, now comes a version of SmartShot cameras on the market that is considerably more flexible by the Sony E-mount bayonet system. The QX1 into a mirrorless system camera for the Sony E-mount system so your iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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DABMAN1 with Bluetooth Speakers

The DABMAN 1 is lightweight and extremely compact and is therefore ideal for on the go. So, the small device can be used, for example, as DAB + and FM receiver. Also the DABMAN 1 a transmitter function, with which other devices on DAB + can be upgraded.

DABMAN1 with Bluetooth speaker

With only 35 g, the compact DABMAN 1 is a real lightweight. Despite its small size and its almost been vanishingly low weight, the instrument has many functions. It uses the DABMAN 1 as mobile DAB + and FM receiver, you can rely on many user friendly features such as a drop-down list with 20 memory locations, multilingual menu, or the sleep timer function. Operated intuitively via a large control panel. Thanks to multicolored and backlit LCD display, one is always in the picture when it comes to channel information such as title and artist name, etc.

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Ubisoft Announces New Assassin’s Creed Adventure

Ubisoft announced on his blog and on Twitter, there will be after no new Assassin’s Creed Adventure this year likely. In the past, the company year after year published a new adventure of the series.

It is not long ago that with Assassin’s creed syndicate on 23 October 2015 the newest and latest Assassin’s Creed Adventure on the market. But for the time being, according to a statement on Twitter and in the Group of own blog, this will remain the last adventure of the popular series. As 2016 a new game in the assassin will probably follow’s Creed Series. Rotating, a game was released last year.

Ubisoft based on this–that it is now some time wool to be to rethink the whole concept of the game series and to revise. It also often received feedback of fans from all over the world to play a role and have played. No Assassin Creed’s will go the year 2016 the rest not to end, because the theatrical release of the film with Michael Fassbender in the role of Callum Lynch is planned for the 21st December 2016. In Germany, the movie is to start at the 29.12.16. And instead of Assassin Creed’s could follow 2016 still watch dogs 2, at least, Ubisoft has made a release between April 2016 until end of March 2017 in Vista.


Browser Version of WhatsApp Review

Now, there is also a WhatsApp version for your browser. The Web client is compatible first exclusively with the chrome browser. Through this, you can now sent and received messages. But, iOS users are excluded from the service as a result of “limitations”.

To use WhatsApp for the browser in the future, a QR-code is available on the dedicated website. This can be connected with the smart phone. First, you must scan the code but with the camera of smart phones. Then nothing more in the way is the use of the chrome browser. However, IOS users can not use the Messenger service due to platform limitations. View for how to install.

Developers refer to himself as “an extension of the phone” the browser version of WhatsApp in an official statement. For a proper use of the Web version, but to recommend it, first download the new update Whatsapp over Google play is. The connection to the browser output via the menu of the app can be triggered in the latest version of WhatsApp. Chats and messages are mirrored in the future but from the phone to the PC. The messages continue to run on the Smartphone. This means that the new service only works if the phone has a working Internet connection.

Archos Android Smartphone Reviews

At CES the French electronics manufacturer of Archos 2016 presents two new smartphone product lines in Las Vegas with his power – and cobalt series. First the 50 cobalt and the 55 come up cobalt + in April as well as the 40-50 power in may 2016 the market. All four models have strong stamina battery.

Archos shows 2016 two brand new ranges of smartphone at CES. The power and the cobalt series are new. Previously launched products include power, the power 50, the 50 cobalt and the 55 cobalt + the ARCHOS 40. All units are delivered with Android 5.1 lollipop. The 4-inch ARCHOS 40 is a 3 G Smartphone with quad-core power processor and 8 GB internal memory. The amount of RAM is 512 MB. For its compact size, it offers the amazing two days battery life on the basis of a 1900 mAh powerful battery according to the manufacturer. Raises the front camera with 2 MP, on the back of the camera with 5 MP. In addition, it has an LED flash.

For Archos 50 Platinum smartphone Tempered Glass Protective Film Explosion-proof And Scrath-proof Steel Film Free Shipping

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