Flappy48, The Blend between 2048 and Flappy Bird Comes to Android

While we’re waiting that the original version of Flappy Bird reassemble digital stores, there are many who have decided to take advantage of to get your version of the game with greater or worst success. Meanwhile he has left a game more than it has received many variations, the game 2048, that does not make joints blocks with the same number to sum their values, that thanks to its code open has received much popularity. Continue reading »

Whatsapp Adds a Button to Send Photos in a Direct Way

Most commonly used in Spain in the category of communication remains Whatsapp While several try to slowly steal users with greater or lesser success, such as Telegram or Line. Let us not forget that in the past few days, Facebook has announced that it will be compulsory to have Messenger to send private messages, news that it is unclear following the purchase of Whatsapp for Mark Zuckerberg. Continue reading »

Auto Pilot Mode, Improves Your Autonomy When There Isn’t Enough Coverage

With the upcoming arrival of a few holidays many we will move to rural places or will tourism in order to spend a few days of relaxation. If this is your case, today we bring you an application that can be very interesting if the destination chosen, the quality of the coverage It is not too good. The problem is in the expenditure of battery that our device suffers in these occasions due to the continuous search for network. Continue reading »