Doit.IM, a Tasks Manager for Android That Is Good, Beautiful and Free

Today, the task managers We are indispensable when the burden of labor and social obligations leave us a respite, but also, as system optimization of time and achievement of tasks.

In the market there are many solutions, more or less popular, among which stands out in its stronghold of Mac the better-known Things (only available for iOS and OS X). Here, we are rather sympathetic Google, let’s talk of Doit.IM for several reasons: is free, cross-platform and in addition is synchronized in the cloud (sorry Things, you stay behind). Continue reading »

GTasks, a Task Manager Synchronized with Google Tasks

Google offers many tools on the web that today have no official Android app, as it is the case with Google Tasks. This tool allows us to manage our tasks are easy, but now officially can only be done via the web. While we wait for Google to remove their official application we can use the application GTasks.

GTasks is a Task Manager designed for the Google Task sync, but that also allows us to use this application offline without Google account. It has a simple, easy to use interface and not missing details, it is very complete. Continue reading »

How to Make Screenshots from Your Mobile without Using The SDK with ShootMe

Before starting I would like to thank Naruedyoh which is who provided the track in the comments of our guide for making screenshots through the Android SDK.

As it is to be expected, we Xataka Android editors need a means by which to make screenshots easily in our devices to do the analysis in applications that you then enjoy. I, clumsy me, could not properly install the Android SDK which is necessary for the two guides that we have in this blog because of problems with the drivers USB so I decided to try the application that said us Naruedyoh, ShootMe. Continue reading »

AirAttack HD: Become a Hero of War

A new ration of games for our Android. If yesterday Cosmos spoke to us of Flight Control, a title where our work was to ensure that the aircraft landed successfully today we will play a completely different work: shoot down them.

AirAttack HD It takes less than a week in the Android Market and is already one of the highest rated games. This is not surprising because the quality is not lacking. Let’s see a little more in detail what are the benefits of this title. Continue reading »

Pinball Deluxe, Turns Your Android into a Pinball Table

Possible adaptations of analog games possibly pinball is one of those who has better adapted to current large touch screen mobiles. The conversion of the controls is simple and recreates the original experience pretty well.

However the catalogue of such games on the Android Market is rather limited. But yesterday with the launch of Pinball Deluxe It is not only a little less short if that also has not given a large enough quality jump. Continue reading »

Reader for Android Is Renewed, with Some Bugs

Yesterday, from the official Google mobile blog announced the new version of the quintessential feed reader. It looks great and comes with some new features.

The first of these is the widget in the form of folder with a counter, choose any feed, label, person who you follow or even all of them together and placed on your desktop an icon with a pending news updated counter for reading. If you click on the icon will take you to the reading of the news. Continue reading »

WordPress and Its Application for Android, a Delight for Every Blogger, But Still Insufficient

All those bloggers, writers, and lovers of free software will know what I mean when I speak of WordPress, for those who are a little lost, I put a day quickly. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that is mainly used to assemble and manage blogs, little by little is has carved a niche in this world becoming the most widely used in this field platform.

Automattic, the company that is behind WordPress, brought there by the beginning of 2010 this app for Android that has been very well received by users. Initially users asked for more features, which has improved with the passage of the versions, they are currently on the 1.3.9, and finally, thanks to the feedback from users has been modeling and improving into what is today. Continue reading »

Android, IOS, BlackBerry OS and Symbian: What Stands out on Apps?

Something that is becoming increasingly fashionable are the applications stores, each owner with his and racing the rest healthy or insane. Goes some better that others, only have to do a few facts to realize:

Now Android has almost 135,000 applications in its Market, of which the 42.3% (57,000 applications) It has a score of 5 stars out of 5, nothing wrong given that the percentage of free apps is 68%. Much has been made of why this platform is not profitable for developers, detail that we are not going to play here, but what is not debatable is that Android users are happy with the applications available. Continue reading »

Slide Screen: Launcher for Those Seeking Maximum Productivity on Android

At the risk of seeming freaky, I will say that I am a fetish of the multiple launchers that I can find in the Android Market. One of the benefits of Android is the customization, and this reaches its maximum expression when we replace the program that executes each time that we give to the button of “ Home & #8221;.

Slide Screen It is a launcher with a different philosophy. Like everyone else, has a home screen and allows us to open applications or settings menu; but the interface is very different to the of other launchers. Slide Screen, larva Labs, maximizes productivity forget desktops and icons and showing us what interests us most demanding users: information. Continue reading »

A Wi-Fi Almost 10,000 Times More Efficient Is Possible, and Could Be Very Close…

Mobile phones have become probably the most important invention of the human being from cars, and the revolution of smartphones has managed to virtually all have access to a Smartphone already doing an indispensable part of our lives.

However, not everything was going to be good news and jumps of joy, because as every hero has his nemesis also smartphones suffer from a weak point, its autonomy, that bitter us many times the existence. Perhaps the connectivity is the increased spending of the terminals, and in lowering its energy consumption are long since many groups of engineers. Continue reading »