Watch Pebble Team Supports Bracelets With Heart Rate Monitor And WINS Steel Version

When the Pebble team was announced last week, with a new interface and color screen, there were those who asked for a version of steel instead of plastic. Today, the company reveals the Pebble Team Steel – and that’s not all.

The Pebble Team Steel is made of stainless steel and offers a choice of three finishes-black, silver and gold – as seen in the image above. All of them include steel and leather bracelets.The buttons are more precise, with a pleasant tactile texture in each. Continue reading »

Watch The Apple Will Sell For More Than $17 1000

Apple released long-awaited your watch today, including models of yellow gold and Pink Sapphire that cost over $17000

San Francisco — Apple released long-awaited your clock on Monday, including models of yellow gold and Pink Sapphire that cost more than 17000 dollars, but investors questioned whether the first product of Chief Executive Tim Cook will be effectively a success. Continue reading »

You Can Find Your Lost Smartphone Using Android Watch Wear

The Device Manager allows you to locate your smartphone or tablet, and delete your content remotely. You can use it on the web, on another smartphone – and, from now on, on your wrist too.

Android Wear won support for Device Manager, allowing to use your smart watch to find your smartphone.

It’s simple: say “OK Google, start Find smartphone” and your phone will ring at full volume.This should help you to find him at home, for example. The feature was already present in apps like Find my phone and Wear Aware, but now will come practically built into the system. Continue reading »

The Time Has Come To Acquire The Desired Technological Accessories

By Leticia Negresiolo

Black Friday is fast approaching and with it, the opportunity to acquire those technological accessories you’ve always dreamed of, but were in addition to your Pocket allowed pay. Split up three of them-which we’ve talked about this year: Apple Watch Sport, Samsung Gear VR, 360 Sport Bike. Check out: Continue reading »

Next Apple’s challenge is to turn fashion watch

In addition to the uses of the device, Apple Inc. also took care to promote it as a style item

San Francisco-now that Tim Cook already outlined all the Apple Watch can do and how much it will cost, the next challenge will be to show that the latest technology counts as the latest fashion.

In addition to the uses of the device, Apple Inc. also took care to promote it as a style item. Continue reading »

Apple Watch Must Get To Brazil Until October Costing Between 2,699 And 110,000 R$ R$

Will Apple finally is ready to launch your smart watch in Brazil? Looks like Yes: according to MacMagazine, Apple Watch’s arrival is imminent – and of course it will cost a fortune.

>>> Apple Watch: a watch smart problems in beta

The watch will be available in two sizes, and in three models: the Watch Sport features aluminium body; the Watch uses stainless steel; and the Watch Edition is made of gold. The functionality is the same. Continue reading »

Electronic Wearable Devices Market Will Grow Double In 2015, Says Research

More than 45 million of electronic accessories ‘ usable ‘ should be sold this year

More than 45 million of electronic accessories “usable” should be sold this year worldwide. This number must triple up to 2019, especially for fist, revealed the IDC study.

45,700,000 total of watches, bracelets, glasses and other accessories connected should be marketed this year, more than double the 19,600,000 sold in 2014, IDC Research Center indicated.

To 2019, the market expects the sale come up 126,100,000 units. Continue reading »

Impressions Of Apple Watch Are Already Sold On Chinese Market

Popular Chinese internet sites offer e-commerce very similar devices, but much lower prices to the originals

Beijing — just two days after World presentation iWatch, the first intelligent WatchApple, imitations of this device can be found in the Chinese market.

Popular Chinese websites e-commerce like the Taobao offer very similar to devices from the iWatch “Watch” to “D-Watch”, almost identical in appearance, but much lower prices to the originals, which won’t arrive in stores in the Asian country until April 24, the same day of your world premiere. Continue reading »