Nikon Introduces SnapBridge

Great news for photo enthusiasts and owners of Nikon cameras. Thanks to the new official application SnapBridge, you will now be able to connect your camera to a smartphone or tablet, start the automatic backup of photos taken.

The procedure is extremely simple, all you have to do is download the application, match it to your Nikon camera supported and all photos will download automatically to your smartphone. Can also keep the pictures synced to the cloud service “Nikon Image Space”that will have them available on their home pc or any other device connected. Continue reading »

Intel Unveils New Atom Z3590

The SoC market for smartphones and tablets have undergone profound changes over the past few years. In 2013, the situation had largely monopolized by Qualcomm, which it held as many as 95% of the market share, only to fall to 66% over the last months, in favor of the main competitor MediaTek, now growing at 17%.

In all, Intel has moved timidly the first steps in this area through a few but effective partnership, as demonstrated by Asus in recent years and in particular with the range ZenFone 2, driven by a powerful Intel Atom Z3580 with regard to top-end Variant. Continue reading »

Smartphone Fashion Accessories

The accessories for smartphones last generation are many, surely you will know, what you may not know is that even the haute couture houses have begun in recent years to pack a number of fashion items related to the field of technology. Let’s talk a bit ‘all the most famous fashion houses in the world, from Prada to Versace, Louis Vuitton and Valentino, from Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen, closely followed by low-cost brands, always ready to reproduce the seasonal trend in smaller and competitive prices. Continue reading »

News for Facebook Messenger

In past hours Facebook has launched a series of new server-side options for its Messenger messaging client. The first major new feature is the ability to customize the chat: we can specify a color accent, a nickname for our interlocutor and an emoji to be displayed instead of the default thumbs-up. All changes can be made by both participants in the chat, will be seen by both and will cover only the specific chat room.

New products are active immediately and for all, whether on a mobile app (Android and iOS) than on the web platform; However, on the latter there are some limitations.For starters, you cannot make any changes; you will then need to switch between mobile app.In addition, although see emoji custom and the nicknames, the accent color will remain the usual blue. Continue reading »

Design Battery Charger

In a present-day Eden with the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil could not miss this gadget of desire.

Accessory in the form of bonsai whose leaves are actually small photovoltaic panels, Electree allows you to charge any portable device with light as its sole energy source. The modules of 27 cells (for a total area of over 1,400 square cm) are mobile and can be positioned at will to create your own personal Electree of battery charger.

Continue reading »

Acer Liquid Z630S

Acer updates its entry level Z630 with a version’s ‘ enhanced, revisited in optics hardware to deliver more compute capacity that he served and make a step forward in the category. Nothing changes in terms of aesthetics, dimensions are identical, just like weight, despite on board we have now an internal memory doubled and a decidedly more powerful processor.

I will not therefore to describe the design of this phablet, I will limit myself to a simple summary: Continue reading »

3D Display Touch Screen

Gionee is one of many Chinese manufacturers that offer 3D smartphone with high end specs at prices very competitive.

In many will remember S8, after seeing it at MWC in Barcelona, officially receives certification from TENAA in China. Are confirmed so all the technical characteristics of the model already tried, then display from 5.5 inch Amoled Full-HD 3D Touch technology(pressure sensitive touch displays), 3000 mAh battery, main camera from 16 megapixels with laser focus and mp 8 front. The processor will be an octa-core Mediatek Helio P10 to 64 Bits,with 4 GB of RAM and 64 gigs of internal memory. Continue reading »

Yu Yutopia in India

Yu’s CEO has confirmed the launch of Yutopia through a new teaser image. Your smartphone will be presented next December 7 in India, and will represent the new proposal for this market, again based on Cyanogen OS platform.

Yu, a company belonging to the Group Micromax, is ready to launch its first top of the range over the next month in India, proclaiming it as “the most powerful smartphone ever”. The device is called the Yu Yutopia and has already appeared in a table Geekbench earlier this month, showing scores respectable but hardly qualify as the best in the world. Continue reading »

Program Sony AOSP Recovery

In May we told you about some new developments initiated by Sony for the construction of new Recovery for smartphone Xperia range | Sony Finally starts the development of an bootlooder that allows booting from Recovery |. After developing and releasing it for some devices, this project expanded embracing virtually all Xperia series.

With the new Recovery you will be able to start the phone directly in this mode via a keyboardhardware.

“Our goal with this program is to provide a development environment similar to that for Nexus devices. Now, making it much easier to debug, we hope this will encourage further kernel development on devices Xperia ” , says Karl-Johan Dahlström, head of developer relations. Continue reading »

Average Lifespan of Smartphones

The smartphone as a faithful companion of life, follows our habits and our movements and, as often happens, every day it’s not all right. Between falls and failures will happen at least once in their lives to break the screen of your smartphone, the damage experienced by 50% of the holders that manifests itself in myriad ways and means, alas, considerable repair costs.

This infographic created by Recovery Time can make you feel less unfortunate and above all in good company. The company specializes in data recovery from digital media of any kind, from hard disks to smartphones and tablets, has been collecting data about the life cycle of a device by identifying the most common failure causes and even the most heedless. Continue reading »