Equipment and Accessories for Shooting Weddings

Complementing the article “Tips for photographing weddings, the second part where we will talk about the equipment and accessories for this type of photography.
You’re still not shooting weddings and want to know which equipment and accessories to invest to make photographs in this kind of events? It’s a wedding photographer, but is always in doubt of what to take? Want to hone your techniques through specific equipment and accessories for weddings? See this article and ask questions.

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So Were The Awards Engadget 2012

The Engadget 2012 Awards they are already history. After a hard work, all culminating in a big party in which we loved to meet some of our readers and enjoy some gadgets almost in exclusive. But do not forget us of all those who, for the reason that is, could not attend. For all of you, here we offer a summary of videos and the most relevant information. Continue reading »

More Gift Ideas, Alternatives to Instagram or a New Draw. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Christmas Eve hours environment technology today does not rest. We’ve had a week full of things in different topics, like the controversial terms of Instagram, a new draw in the shape of camera or tablets and smartphones as a new sales channel, not with ideas for gifts for the most arrivals from through. Here it begins Galaxy Engadget Mobile. Continue reading »

Awards from Engadget, The Privacy of Our Smartphones Up to The War for The Throne of Whatsapp. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

A week more and every day makes more cold and nothing better to be at home in a heat later Sunday. And to liven up the evening we bring you the best of the week. Various topics, Since the war of instant messaging applications, security on our smartphones to the Engadget awards. Without more ADO, here begins Galaxy Engadget Mobile. Continue reading »

From a Wide Selection of Ideas to Give to The 20th Anniversary of The SMS. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Three weeks left to the end of the year but currently does not stop. We have again returned to have a week without a clear protagonist, with themes of all kinds, from ideas for gift giving at Christmas, at the 20th anniversary of the almost dead SMS through the chart of knowledge of Google. We are therefore here begins Galaxy Engadget Mobile. Continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy SIII Sweeps in The Engadget 2012 Awards, What Have Apple and Google to Provide in This Respect?

If something was quite clear yesterday in the course of 2012 Engadget awards gala to us was that smartphones are, at least right now, gadgets that “take you heart” to the vast majority of readers from Engadget.

We do not say it, ojo, you leave it clear especially after having entirely dedicated the three Community Awards three smartphones, above all the gadgets that daily pass under the gaze of Engadget. Continue reading »