Test: Huawei Mate 8

With Mate 8 builds on an already stable Huawei on the grounds and the battery life is very long overdue.

To offer space for dual SIM card is something that never really picked up speed on the Swedish market. Operators who have a true great power over the phone range since many phones sold with subscription has no great desire to let you put in a different operator card in the phone and thus be able to take advantage of the respective operator’s lowest prices. This dual SIM that is rare in any case try to Huawei to change in Mate 8 is far from the first phone with dual SIM card and from the user’s point of view it’s good especially if you have both private subscriptions and subscriptions from the job. Then you don’t have to carry two phones. International calls are another smart use. Insert a local prepaid card when you’re travelling abroad and receive calls on your regular number at the same time you can take advantage of cheap and local calls. When to send SMS or make a call, you get two green wonder or green send buttons to select which of the SIM cards to be used.

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Test: LG V10

Mobile have tested LG’s new mobile phone with two displays.

It feels durable, LG’s V10 with metal frame and a strong rubbery back. Nice work with the leather from the flagship LG G4 feels far away and here it is instead function that comes first. If you had been asked what you are missing in your current phone so is perhaps an additional screen is not the first to come to mind. Probably also not that you would like to have two selfie cameras, but none of this prevents LG from to give us just that. Continue reading »

Test: Dxo One

Many of us use their mobile phone as their primary camera, but Dxo tries to combine the advantages of the phone with a compact camera’s better image quality.

The primary benefit of mobile phone camera is that we always have it with us and that it is connected, so you can easily share the pictures and videos you take. The downside is of course that the picture quality can’t compete with real cameras, but it is here that Dxo comes into the picture. The small camera Dxo One plug in the bottom of the Iphone or Ipad, directly through lightningkontakten and then you will get a prompt to download the app if you have not already done this. App is launched automatically when you connect the camera, and it’s the app that you use all the settings and to see what you actually take the card on because the camera itself do not have a viewfinder. Continue reading »

Big Test: Sweden’s Best Retailers

Selection, service and price tag – some of the most important parameters in the hunt for the best mobile dealers. We have visited 11 different chain stores and 22 merchants on the Web.

Selection, service and price tag – some of the most important parameters in the hunt for the best mobile dealers. We have visited 11 different chain stores and 22 merchants on the Web. Online stores and physical stores have different strengths and weaknesses. In a good online store, it is easy to search for different models, compare prices and see what is in stock. But in an online store, it can be difficult to determine which cell has the best build quality, how the camera works, or any screen is sharpest. Not to compare apples with pears, we have divided the test into two parts, each with its own winners and various criteria – more focus on price and the ability to navigate in the range when it comes to online shops while the sellers’ attitude and knowledge will be crucial for the physical stores.

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Major Test: the Best Mobile Banking

Making mobile banking is nicer than ever, but there’s still more and less successful apps. Mobile has gone through them all.

Most of it is either a little or a lot requires to do in mobile. We do not write longer texts on screen keyboard, and edit the Excel spreadsheet, we should not talk about. But there are exceptions, things that actually gets easier and smoother by doing them on your phone. Banking is such a thing.

It is so crazy easy to pay their bills in the cell phone probably depends mainly on two innovations. One is the Mobile Banking ID, which you can use to authenticate you and write in cases at the Bank with only a six-digit code in an application. The complexity of the bank box with eight-digit codes to be written off from the screen is now mostly gathering dust in a drawer. Continue reading »

Test: Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

950 XL is the largest, best and most beautiful among Windows headset, but the question is how long we have to wait before it delivers.

When Microsoft left Windows Mobile for Windows Phone, it was a hugely daring discontinuity which cut all ties with the previous version. The step between Windows Phone 7 and version 8 was certainly not as dramatically, but the combination of news, and that no existing telephone could be updated to the new system meant that it seemed like yet another fresh start. The situation with updates is a completely different (at least in theory, Microsoft has not released any updates at the time of writing) now when Microsoft starts over again with Windows 10. For this time, it feels like a reboot. Phones that somehow been startling has been totally absent in about a year and a half and now when it is finally released, the new flagship of the system called the universal apps that Microsoft is talking about should do everything much better than it has been in the past, and with it, we get almost the feeling of “regular” apps for the Windows Phone really doesn’t count anymore. The number of universal apps is of course pretty small at present, exactly as expected for a “new” system. Quite simply, there have been about three more restarts an operating system in five years, where the competition during the same time instead built on the same platform in a completely different way. Continue reading »

Test: Steelseries Nimbus

A game console is never better than the games to it. A game controller is never better than the games to control.

Although Apple TV overall is good, we note that the three year Apple took it upon themselves to develop the sequel not resulted in more than one “meh” in terms of new and exciting features. One of the new features is that the game can be controlled with proper game controls and Steelseries jumped into as the first manufacturer to offer such a with Nimbus.

Control look pretty much like all the other checks nowadays, dual joysticks, a (surprisingly smooth-running) forces, quadruple the shoulder buttons and a pretty traditional design. Control loads via Lightning-contact and apart from motion control and Siri-microphone can handle everything that the standard Apple TV controller can handle. Continue reading »

Test: Beddit

Beddit know absolutely everything about how you sleep but very little about what you can do to improve it.

To analyze sleep is something that virtually all activity bands capable of at present and in the realm of mobile health is seen as an equally important part of your wellness program to reach 10,000 steps per day. There is also alarm clocks, mobile apps, and various other gadgets that would analyze your sleep, either by recording sounds at night, put the cell phone under the mattress (not quite kosher in terms of fire protection), or other types of sensors.
Under the category “other” gadgets “and other types of sensors” we find Beddit. There is a plastic strip with sensors placed under the sheet on the bed and that ends in a small device that is hanging off the bed. Further from the run a USB cable for power supply and communication is done via Bluetooth Smart phone related app, which also picks up the sound while you sleep and acts an alarm clock. Continue reading »

Test: Moto X Force

The Moto X Force has an almost indestructible display we had doubts, but otherwise it is a great phone.

Do you know anything about Moto X Force before reading this, then it is probably that it boasts an unbreakable shield. You brag about how they made the screen in five different layers to achieve the effect, but honestly, the obvious answer is that you made the screen in plastic instead of glass.

I’ve seen enough videos on Youtube where people abuse their Moto X Force without success cracking the screen to feel convinced of the truth of this, but to try to throw it in front of a subway train by myself. For me, rather than the interesting question: Has the unbreakable screen any drawbacks? Continue reading »

Test: Jaybird X 2

Jaybird does its best to X 2 to be lavish and succeeds quite well.

Jaybird has made a name for themselves in the market for sport, at least in the high-price segment. X 2 is the latest model and offers a truly luxurious package that feels right thought out.

Headset comes with six pairs of earpads in three sizes and two materials for the best opportunity for the right fit. Just like earlier also included three pairs of “wings” that hooked solidly in the ears to sit, even better. Everything comes nicely packaged to make it easy to find the right for your ears. In addition, the headphones are made to fit both the traditional load-bearing and with “the cord over the ear” variant is a nice detail. Continue reading »