Google Launches Web Starter Kit to Facilitate The Web Design of Multiple Devices

Designing a web page already is not such easy as before, we must now adapt websites to more sizes and types of screens that look well and they can be used perfectly on them. For this reason Google Developers It has released the first beta of Web Starter Kit, its cross-platform interface for Web pages. Continue reading »

Google I/O 2014 Delays Your Registration One Week, Eventually Will Be from 15 to 18 April

Today was the day planned for opened registration for the purchase of tickets from the Google I/O 2014 but finally it will not happen. Google Developers team has announced that delayed a week to make the registration process easier and to be more open. Now it will be from 15 to 18 April. Continue reading »

Installed ADB, Fasboot and Drivers Android for Windows in Just 15 Seconds

If you’re a advanced user of Android you know what we mean when we speak of ADB, Fastboot or Android drivers and also know that the configuration initial environment usually involve quite some time since we have to download numerous packages separately or official development kit and set up working directories. Continue reading »